A lot of people across all of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and across the globe are stunned by the tragic news of Bob Proctor.

However, it is the truth it is true that Bob Proctor is no more and has left his legacy to his loved ones. Bob died at the age of 87.

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Who was the one to confirm Bob Proctor’s death?

Bob Proctor, a self-help author, passed away in the age of 87 as per the business associate of his Sandu Gallagher.

Sandy worked alongside Bob on Bob’s work at the Proctor Gallagher Institute and confirmed the death of the author with a heartfelt tribute on February 3, 2022.

Through a post on Facebook, Sandy said, “Bob has died unexpectedly and has graduated to the next step of his elliptical path.”

Sandy added that she also owed Bob an immense debt of gratitude. He also asked everyone to help him give Proctor and the rest of his family members light and affection.

Who is Bob Proctor 2022?

Bob Proctor was a self-help presenter and author from Canada born on the 5th of July the 5th of July 1934.

He is most well-known for his work as a consultant for the movie “The Secret” and his best-selling New York Times book, “You Were Born Rich.”

The reason for Bob’s death is still to be revealed.

What was it that made Bob’s existence to be a reversal?

With his comments on The Law of Attraction, Bob’s writings have long emphasized an optimistic self-image that will lead to the highest level of practice and achieve achievement.

As a young, unmotivated, low self-esteem kid, Bob Proctor 2022dropped out of Danforth Tech after getting an injury to his thumb caused by chainsaws and did not have a goal or a plan.

Bob was 26 when he was firefighter in Toronto and came across a man who gave him the book “Think and Grow Rich;” it was his first novel.

Bob’s lifestyle began to alter soon following the influence of the book. He began to clean floors and earning money to pay off his debts.

What was the first business?

The book that first changed Bob’s life completely and he was able to earn money. Even though he had no formal education or prior experience in business, Bob Proctor 2022moved to establish a cleaning service business.

Bob Proctor claimed that this cleaning service firm earned more than 100 000 USD in the first year.

After having realized the book’s real worth, he decided to find out more about the book.

Has Bob or his works criticised?

Bob as well as his Law of Attraction were often condemned for posing dangers to the public by suggesting that a simple thought over time could manifest into the real world, regardless of whether it’s to improve health or wealth.

Furthermore, some specialists are concerned that patients choose positive emotions over the physical therapy or other therapeutic methods.


Bob Proctor 2022 A writer and influencer, passed away at the age of 87. He was a researcher on a variety of materials that dealt with the law of attraction.

It is the notion that positive thoughts can alter the reality of things, as claimed by self-help gurus who claim quantum theory permits it.

Bob’s cause of death is still to be determined by his family. You can click here to learn more details about Bob Proctor’s story. Comment below with your thoughts.