You can find the Blimp Wars Fortnite Code below.

Are you a Fortnite player? Did you try a new Fortnite game mode? Is it possible to find the code for Fortnite’s Blimp Wars? The pandemic caused a rapid growth in the gaming community. Before that, most people stayed at home and took part in activities like gaming.

Fortnite is very well-known among youth in Canada. Each update of Fortnite brings a new game mode. Fortnite users are looking for Fortnite code to access the new mode. This will unlock all of the guns in the arena mode.

What code is new for Blimp War?

The new code for Blimp Wars is 0245-9239-26638. This code allows you to enter the 12-versus-12 Team Battle. You can also redeem guns or items from the Shop during this battle. The game will reward you with mythic or special loot. The latter can be saved.

It is a form of Arena where you can fight in real-time 12 v 12 with your friends.

BlimpWars Code

The Blimp Map code 02459239-2638 can be used to access the new Fortnite map. Normally, you cannot enter Fortnite with 12 of your teammates. But, in this new update you can invite 12 of your teammates to the lobby so that you can enter Fortnite and play in a 12 v12 battle.

The sniper mode has the most powerful guns. With every kill, you’ll earn 5 gold coins, which can be used to buy items from the online shop. You can also redeem your golden fish to unlock the new skills.

BlimpWars Fortnite Code

  • By using the code, you can launch the game and then select the blimp warfare more section of the map.
  • You will need to write the code in order to activate that map.
  • After you select the map, it is possible to invite your team members and start the game.

You will enter Fortnite’s 12v12 Battleground Arena. In the game you’ll find mythic items, upgraded skills and other items that can be used to fight your opponents. You now have Blimp Wars Code. This code will allow you to directly access the new Fortnite update. If you’re new to this game you can get the latest version via the Apple Store or Play Store.


Fortnite’s third season has a special Blimp War mode where you can play up to 12v12 players. To activate and install the map, use the code provided in this article. In this mode, you will find many thrilling rewards and mythic products.

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