Are you interested in finding more about the Biukiss store? If so, you’re very welcome to read this blog post because today we’ll inform our readers about the world-renowned fashion-forward website that claims to have attractive clothing.

Nowadays no matter if you are within the United Kingdom, the United States, or in any other country, you are entitled to the freedom to decide what clothes you would like to wear. In addition, in the present era fashion, people are willing to try fashions that are new because they are different from others. Therefore, this is the reason, Biukiss has decided to establish itself on the internet.

Learn more about the reality of the site through the following Biukiss reviews..

What is Biukiss?

Biukiss is an online clothing site that specializes in the sale of exclusive, fashionable clothing. The broad range of products offered distinguishes it from traditional stores. Customers can also discover trendy, all-season dresses from cardigans to capes on the online store at affordable prices. Additionally, in the accessories section of the website you can find stylish jewelry such as bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Additionally, shoppers have the opportunity to save dollars on the site since it offers the entire product range for sale at discounted prices to attract buyers.

However, during the investigation we discovered that the site offers certain benefits and discounts this appears to be an efficient strategy to increase the number of customers who visit the shop. So, we suspect something suspicious about this online store and have several questions in your head, Is Biukiss Legit or a fraud?

Specifications or Key Features of Biukiss

  • Homepage link-
  • Domain launch date-24/12/2021
  • Fashionable dresses and clothes.
  • Estimated delivery. Free delivery for orders of more than $69
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Payment options – PayPal
  • Delivery time frame: within 3-7 working days
  • Exchange of purchases and return exchange within 14 days of purchase
  • The validity of refunds and the approximate time isn’t mentioned
  • Social media links- mentioned
  • Newsletter- available
  • Phone number- unavailable
  • Company location- no information

It is advised to prospective buyers to gather details on the website and then read the customer’s Biukiss Review to make a ultimate choice.

Why should customers purchase from Biukiss?

  • Customers are confident that their personal information is safe on the website because it’s HTTPS secure.
  • The delivery service is available on purchases of more than $69.
  • It also comes with a variety of additional advantages, including an additional 5percent discount and special deals on every order.
  • The email address is listed on the website to provide assistance with customer service.

Why shouldn’t people buy from Biukiss?

  • The incorrect contact details are listed on the website.
  • There is no feedback from customers on it.
  • The site appears to be a copy of an online store.
  • It makes offers that are not realistic.
  • It has no Social Media presence.

Is Biukiss Legit?

We’ve conducted in-depth studies on the e-store’s offerings to establish that the site’s legitimacy is assured. Additionally, the site appears authentic at first glance however, later during our research we came across some information which claim to have something else.

Let’s take a look at these pointers:

  • Domain termination date: the domain of the site will be terminated in 2022, on the 24th of December.
  • Social media connections – Unfortunately these icons contain incorrect hyperlinks. They will take you to nowhere. The site does not have any social media presence.
  • Domain name creation date: Domain name registration was registered on the 24th December 2021.
  • Feedback from customers – we’ve searched all over the internet and have found there is no Biukiss reviews are on the site or other where else.
  • Alexa rank – no Alex rank results are available for Biukiss.
  • Trust score- the website appears to be suspicious due to its trust scores because it has earned 39.9/100.
  • The images along with the other information appear to be to have been copied.
  • Trust score- the website has earned a poor trust score of at 2 percent.
  • Physical address, No zip code, area or location are listed on the”contact us” page.

Which are users’ Biukiss Reviews?

Sadly, we’re still without a customer as no customer has expressed their experiences shopping through this website on the site. In addition, there are no feedbacks or reviews are on the internet , either. So, as the website was just launched, so we’ll need to wait for reviews.

Wrapping It All

We’ve conducted our own research to verify the authenticity of this clothes products sold on an online website. In addition, during the investigation we found that the site is a fake because a number of scam websites use the same user interface selling clothing and other accessories.

Thus, the website isn’t yet established, and we are unable to declare its authenticity without proof. Customers are advised to stay clear of the shop until they have an absence of Biukiss reviews or evidence of its legitimacy.