• Height: up to 40 cm in height
  • Weight: 6 to 14 kg
  • Hair: short or medium short
  • Coat: tabby colored, black or black smoke
  • Life expectancy: between 13 and 20 years depending on age

The Origin and History of Savannah

The story of Savannah has just been released. The first animal of this species, a female named Savannah, was born on April 7, 1986, from a combination of a domestic cat and serval, an African wild animal. Sculptors Patrick Kelly and Joyce Sroufe set the national standard and submitted it to TICA in 1996.

In 2002, the latter adopted Savannah as a new breed of domestic cat, but only for the so-called “third-generation” animals, i.e. from the next third generation to meet the serval. The LOOF allows for the display of Savannahs but has the same limit as TICA in terms of the first two generations.

Different types of Savannah

Savannah Cat Size and character changes over time. In the majority, the closer he is to the serval, the more he appears and the more independent he is. Thus, it is not uncommon for first-generation cats (one of whose parents is serval) to weigh 40 cm at birth and up to 14 kg.

Savannah’s Ideal Master

Savannah cats need exercise. Even if it is possible to raise them in an apartment, they appreciate the long journey to the great destination. The best place for them is a house with a garden. They also want to find a place for water. These big cats can cause domestic violence, especially if they are young and experimenting with their new environment. However, they become calmer as they grow older.

As players, Savannahs get along well with children or other animals, acting as ready-prepared players for play! If you usually have to be absent from work, your Savannah will not let you down. He advocates good loneliness, but remember to give him cat toys so he doesn’t get bored.

Savannah, man or woman?

There is no significant difference between women and men Savannahs, although the latter may be slightly larger. Some breeders believe that males are more loving and females independent, but it depends on the behavior of each cat.

If you take a female and do not want to be a cat, it is best to keep it closed. Your veterinarian can give you advice.

The evolution of Savannah according to its age

  • Kitten (up to 1 year): playful, the Savannah kitten is very strong and close to its owners. It needs real nutrition for its growth to happen as well as possible.
  • Adult (from one year to 10 years): although calm, he is still an active cat in need of exercise. The proportion of foods rich in protein and fat are shown.
  • Elder (from 10 years): Thanks to its wild ancestors, the Savannah is always old and often remains in good health even as it grows.

Savannah on the porch – The growth of Savannah

Savannah is one of the largest breeds of cats. Voted the largest cat in the world in 2017, the Savannah Arcturus Aldebaran Powers weighs 48.3 cm in weight and weighs around 13.6 kg!

Savannah style

From its ancestors, Savannah inherited its intelligence, its curiosity, its taste for dancing, and its thirst for water. Cats love to jump, climb and hunt. It’s often described as a “cat-dog”, which Savannah loves to walk with ashes and can recycle toys you throw at it. She is smart and skillful, able to open doors or tapes, and quickly learns to use her surroundings for her own good.

The Savannah said it is easy to teach. Despite its wild origins, it is very adaptable to home life, and especially to garbage. He doesn’t run very fast and maybe a little stuck.

Savannah Feeding

Savannahs have more requirements than other species. This is why it is recommended to provide a diet rich in protein. Croquettes or cat pâtés? Both are suitable, but macro quette has the potential for long-term storage.

Beware, some common human foods are toxic to cats. These include onions, chocolate, avocados, and grapes, among others. To reward or please your pet, choose cat handles instead.

Savannah Health _

To have a healthy Savannah, see your veterinarian regularly, choose a high-quality diet that fits his or her metabolism, and give him or her more time to play and hug. It must then dress like a charm. Savannahs cats are very strong, as shown by their longevity record which can be up to 20 years. Veterinarians are unaware of any health issues for them.

The rebirth of Savannah

Savannahs can breed from the age of five months, but it is better to wait until they are one year old. To avoid exhausting the woman, do not exceed one liter per year.

Savannah breeding is mainly because it is a mixed breed between a wild animal and a domestic cat. Men are barren to the fourth generation, even to the fifth.


The Savannah coat ranges from gray to orange but always has a clean belly. The most popular are the brown spotted tabby (tawny, brown color), with small colors similar to those of the valval. Easy to maintain, the Savannah coat only needs a brush stroke from time to time. You can give her a bath, she loves it!