Are you familiar with Bigger Roofing? This company is in the news because of specific reasons. In recent years, many people are looking at the reviews of the company on different websites. In 2012, the Bigger roofing company was established. It is a household name in the roofing industry.

The company provides services for both business and private individuals. There are many customers in the United States as well as the Canada. We are currently searching for Bigger Roof Reviews. To verify the reviews, we will search for trusted sites.

What do you find in the reviews?

We first searched the company’s website. We couldn’t find any reviews from customers on the company’s official website. The website also listed the name of the client and their association with the company. We verify that other websites are valid and trusted.

We don’t see any customer feedback on the company’s service or protocols on the other website. We do know some interesting facts about this company. Joshua Bigger is the owner of this company.

Larger Roofing Ontario

Ontario is home to a more prominent Roofing Company. This company provides a variety of roofing services for clients. We checked the website of the company and other portals to get the work list.

  1. The company was responsible for installing water and ice in Ontario.
  2. Flashing and new valleys are available.
  3. You can also request manufacturing specifications such as colour and brand.
  4. Another important work is the ventilation instalment. Venting includes ridge venting and solar power venting.
  5. Additionally, the company offers services to get rid of old materials.

Bigger Roofing Canada

The company is also active Canada. The company is located in Campden, ON. The company earned 506,442 USD in revenue in the country recently. They are building finishing contractors, bridge contractors, heavy and civil engineers contractors, resident builders contractors, building contractors as well as equipment contractors.

The company is also a roofing contractor in the country. The company is well-known in this country. As a service provider, Roofing is often associated with other large companies. Similar results are found for Bigger Roof Niagara Reviews.

Why does the news circulate?

Many people looked at the verified information regarding the company a few days ago. The company was founded by:

  1. The domain name for the website was created 13 August 2013.
  2. Website popularity is low at 10523911.
  3. Index Trust Score: 65.1 percent
  4. On the website, you will find the valid HTTPS protocols.
  5. The score for suspicious proximity is 15%
  6. A social media page is available on the website.


Finally, we are able to say that we have checked the trust score of the website and it is now at 86 percent. This is an excellent trust score for Greater Roofing Niagara. This information was taken directly from the official website as well as other internet sources.