What are the consumer’s Betravelr Review of the shop? Do the store offer genuine services? You will find out in this article, along with certain unidentified features of the website.

Shopping online can be very beneficial because it offers incredible deals that aren’t found in a brick-and-mortar store. In this blog today the readers will get the information on the massive rebates on products that comes with additional advantages.

However, before you go to it we’d like to hear from you: Are you in search of bags for travel online? If yes then you’re on the correct page. Betravelr is a store for shopping located in the United States, provides a range of baby carriers. But what are the consumer’s Betravelr reviews?

Introduction to the Betravelr online store:

Before we can determine whether or not, we’d like to give a thorough overview of the shop and the products it sells. In the beginning, when we looked at the shop we saw that it sold just one kind of product and that’s bags for travel. In comparing the items they sell and their domain names, we found it to be comparable and also adequate (the BeTravelr website sells travel bags, which sounds legitimate).

The homepage has a white background. Some items are showcased and, in the middle, the policies are displayed. However, Is Betravelr Legit? It is a shopping site that offers backpacks, including hi-tech ones and smart trolleys. Along with it, it offers baby carriers. When we’ve viewed the website we’ve not seen any category-specific product sections however it does have an “Catalog” section in which every item is featured.

In addition, the Catalog page also has filters that allow you to find the product’s availability and Price. When it comes to the product’s details every commodity comes with full information, including specifications and demonstration images. Let’s look at the specifications.


  • Physical Address: 611-North Brand-Boulevard, Glendale, CA-91203, United States.
  • Feedback: There are no Betravelr Reviews.
  • Phone Number: 800 817-4410.
  • Official Email ID: [email protected]
  • Delivery Costs: As per the notification from the shop, shipping costs are now free.
  • Delivery Time: The length of delivery can be determined by examining the location of the home address of the buyer.
  • The replacement policy is to return the item and place a new purchase.
  • Cancellation Policy: There is no policy that is evident.
  • The Refund Policy requires approval. This means that customers must receive an approval letter to be eligible for refunds.
  • Refund Policy: This policy is in effect for one month.
  • The Payment System: Payment online methods such as ShopPay and Pay by Credit Card to EMI payment.

The advantages taking into consideration? Are Betravelr legitimate? ?

  • Many styles and designs of bags for travel are available.
  • Discount of 60 percent on all commodities.
  • Additional discount for subscription.
  • EMI facility is available.

Which are its negatives?

  • The ratings for ‘Trust-Index’ are not great.
  • Social connections are not present.
  • The absence of consumer reviews.
  • The absence of a cancellation policy.
  • The duration of delivery is not specific.
  • Plagiarism and other common content are also prevalent.

Validating the shop’s legitimacy:

The evaluation of the authenticity of any website is vital. Today, hackers are able to extort innocent customers to obtain personal data and money. In this section we’ll look into it and also look at Betravelr reviews.

  • Missing Information: Cancellation policy.
  • Domain Name betravelr.com
  • Age: It’s a two-month old website; the date was when registration took placeon March 18th, 2022.
  • Trust-Index: It’s not good It’s only 1/10.
  • Comments: There are no reviews accessible.
  • Broken Links: One link is accessible.
  • Social Links: Links that are local aren’t visible on the website.
  • Content that is plagiarized: 4 percent are plagiarized data and 29 percent are common data.
  • One page of the pages that were skipped is visible.
  • Address Verifications: Checking that the address proves to be genuine.
  • Operator Details: Strangelyenough, the company’s details aren’t there.
  • Payment Methods: It’s various.

Consumers Betravelr Reviews :

On the official website of the shop We did not find any reviews of the shop’s services and the quality of their products. There’s no particular review section and the product page is not populated with comments. On weblogs, there were no comments.

In addition also, the shop’s connection to the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc. The link is not valid. So, there’s no way to verify the reviews on the website. Also, you should read through the procedure for making sure you are able to receive refunds from PayPal.

Final Verdict:

Despite its age and valid address this store has a low trust rating, zero Betravelr reviews and social media hyperlinks. In addition the cancellation policy isn’t in place as is the policy on delivery unclear. Therefore, we believe the shop needs gained some credibility and fill in the gap for customers. Also, you should know the procedures for receiving refunds for credit card purchases. What are the specifics? Include this information when you review the page.