Who doesn’t like eating out? And what’s better than eating at some of the best restaurants in midtown Nashville. 

Midtown is one of the best neighborhoods for living in Nashville. There are many fun  things to do in Midtown Nashville as well as restaurants and food outlets for foodies. And while you’re checking out where to eat, why not also take a look at the events in Nashville this weekend?

Below mentioned are some of the best restaurants in Midtown, Nashville.

 Tito’s Mexican Restaurant 

This particular restaurant is one of the best restaurants which serves supreme quality Mexican dishes at affordable prices. The atmosphere of this place is super family-friendly. You’ll also find a number of vegan options here, and no reservations are required. The menu is highly diverse, and don’t forget to try out their bestseller, Gold margaritas. They are legendary!

The Row

This particular restaurant was established back in the year 2012. This place was a residence for some legendary songwriters and singers of Music Row. A Row is a place for some of the best cuisines such as TN BBQ, house-made jams, house made pickle flytes and the TN hot chicken.

The main attributes of this place are:

  1. Offers free delivery
  2. Offers takeaway
  3. Free table reservations and bookings
  4. Outdoor seating arrangements
  5. Great for kids & large groups

Sadie’s Nashville

It serves Mediterranean inspired cuisine and is great for taking some Instagram Worthy pictures. Everything is gorgeous about this place. The interiors here are super bright and vibrant. You can click on some great pictures here. You’ll get a wide range of dishes here, from Israeli to Green and Moroccan.

Must-try dishes from this place:

  1. Peri-Peri chicken wings
  2. Whole fish
  3. Falafel

The Dutch 

This restaurant is linked to a hotel lobby and aims to be a one-stop eating destination for the area’s locals. Right from the ferns hanging over the bar counter to the fireplace at the centre of the dining arena, this place is going to cheer you up. For starters, you can order seafood and then hog onto some of the best main course dishes, such as steamed sea bass and cheeseburgers. This place is reasonable and would only cost you between $23 to $50.


This restaurant is wholly dedicated to farm fork food. The very experienced and professional Ben Norton is managing the kitchen here, and he is maintaining the excellence of the kitchen while utilising seasonal and regional ingredients. The starters range from $12 to $18, and the main course starts from $30, respectively.

Thai Esane

This restaurant has opened up two new cafes in Brentwood and Assembly Food Hall downtown. The menu in this restaurant is extensive. Don’t miss out on curries. Do order their rice dishes and noodle bowls. Also, remember to try out their whole fish from the menu. This place offers both takeaway and delivery.


This place is a buzz among large groups. It’s great for dinner parties as well. If you’re planning to visit this place with your group, you’re required to get prepaid reservations done. The cost per person for this place is $90.

The Optimist

This place is best known for its seafood menu. You can start by ordering the very delicious whiskey flavored salmon, along with oysters, lobster, and smoked fish dip. The platters start at $65, and the main course starts from $30 to $50. You can also try out their cocktails which start from as low as $13.

Two Ten Jack

This place would provide you with the most authentic Japanese flavors, from starters to the main course. The idea behind creating this place was to give the customers an entire gestalt Japanese experience. You can explore a variety of things such as cocktails, matching beer and seasonal pickled vegetables.  The small plates cost around $16 to $14, and the ramen bowls and large bowls range from $8 to $15. You can also try out their cocktails starting from $10.