Are you a Pokemon enthusiast? Do you like playing Pokemon games? Are you curious about the electric version of Pokemon Shinx? If so, you should read this article.

Shinx is among the least understood electric types of Pokemon However, it also has its own advantages. A large number of people across the globe, and especially within the United states, are interested in knowing more about its advantages. In this article we’ve discussed the best Nature in Shinx Pokemon.

About Shinx

Shinx is an Electric-Flash-type Pokemon. Shinx was introduced into the Pokemon Universe during the Generation V edition in the Pokemon franchise. Shinx has two main abilities of Shinx are rivalry and intimidation. Shinx creates electricity by contracting its muscles, which produce shiny fur.

There are Male Shinx in addition to female Shinx in the Pokemon Universe. Male Shinx has more hair than female Shinx. Also, the hindpaws that male Shinx are entirely black, while female Shinx’s four paws are blue.

Let’s look at the overall picture, strengths, and flaws of Shinx before we learn more about the best nature for Shinx Pokemon.

About Strengths & Weaknesses of Shinx

Shinx is a much-undervalued Pokemon. In the Trick Room, Shinx outran numerous Pokemon by a basic velocity of just 45. Shinx also has two incredible capabilities, Intimidate and Rivalry, which boost the strength of Shinx’s attacks.

Shinx On contrary, has some major weaknesses. One of them is its vulnerability to the Ground as well as its weak defenses that make it difficult for Shinx to switch in safely. Shinx’s range of moves is also restricted. All in all, Shinx is a good Pokemon to use, but it’s a tough time getting a place on a team in Little Cup.

About Best Nature for Shinx Pokemon

The two most effective types of Shinx are:

  • Trick Room

In the Trick Room, Shinx has the highest chance of winning. Shinx is extremely slow with a score of 8. This is due to his slow nature, with no Speed EVs. This makes it able to beat most of the other Pokemon in the Trick Room.

Thunder Fang is Shinx’s powerful physical STAB that comes from the outside Spark. Ice, Grass, Bug and Steel Types are able to take significant harm from Fire Fang, whereas Psychic and Ghost types suffer many hits from Crunch. Iron Tail, on the contrary, is primarily aimed at Rock & Ice kinds while Crunch gets more coverage overall.

  • Thunder Wave

The second best Nature to Shinx Pokemon is Thunder Wave. Shinx is able to run a sturdy Thunder Wave set thanks to its ability to access Thunder Wave and its Intimidate power. Shinx can take on a ferocious attack, and then utilize Thunder Wave to paralyze the opponent. Thunder Fang can be a great combination with Thunder Wave as it’s a good chance of getting the opponent to flinch.

Ice Fang deals extremely efficient damage to ground types. Ghost and Psychic-types suffer the most damage from Crunch and Steel-types do much damage by Fire Fang.


Shinx isn’t very well-known in the world of electric Pokemon However, it is a good choice if you make use of it, it is the the Best nature it is a great choice for Shinx Pokemon.