When your bank is loaded with millions of dollars, you may not like to visit the local market to buy shoes for the next party. Parties and gatherings are the best opportunities to show off your fashion taste. There are several luxury brands popular across the world. You won’t need to decide on one, rather pick any random and go with it. Believe it, you won’t need to regret your random choice. This blog presents 4 top luxury brands that sell top design shoes to let you rock on the floor. Feeling excited? Let’s not waste more time and swipe next to the post. 

4 Top Designer Luxury Shoes Brands

  1. Stuart Weitzman

You should know this brand if you ever searched for expensive shoe brands. So, it is the reason that it is ranked as #Number1. However, you may find low-cost shoes as well that range from 400 to 800 dollars price. These shoes are for normal wearing that many of you can easily shop for. Well, in recent years, many signature shoe designs (expensive) have been released on the market. You should know that an average billionaire cannot buy from this series of expensive shoes. 

  1. Louis Vuitton

Do you still think that women’s shoes only luxury brand is dominion of women? You may be right but you should know the second choice as well. The Louis Vuitton brand has sold so many expensive women’s shoe designs on the market. This brand started the business back in 2010 but recently it spiked due to its recent releases. You can satisfy your craze for handmade leather shoes that are nicely stitched and come with hand-painted leather soles. The theme of shoe design is vintage. Men should also try their range. 

  1. Manolo Blahnik 

This brand has been at Number 2 but recently its popularity decreased a little fraction – not noticeable. Manolo Blahnik is working marvelously and has been the top-ranked brand in annual reports. Do you remember the Blixa alligator pumps sold at Barneys New York? It was sold for $4.6k and I don’t plan to buy it because there is not anything left in the stock. 

  1. Gucci

Gucci has shoes for all – for the millionaires, billionaires, and average rich people as well. The other brands in the list may not be popular in a few countries but Gucci has made its popularity across every region. However, most rich billionaires may not find Gucci alluring due to the knockoff material. The hottest selling and favorite shoe by Gucci are Women Leather Boot which costs $3.75k. This is not it, the popular shoe design list continues including Sofia Etoile Shoes worth $1195.

Take Away!

If you can afford then you should buy from luxury brands to enjoy the spotlight Line at every event. You can find a list of the best luxury brands in the world at commoncentsmom.com. This list includes brands selling bags, dresses, shoes, makeup, and everything you want to buy. Do your brand research and then go for buying the one you like and fits your budget.