When it comes to changing hairstyles in summer many people have a very headache. Hairstyles are trendy just like clothes. Curlyme.com tell you that picking a suitable hairstyle is more difficult than finding a style that suits you even if the same hairdresser may even be out of order. Women in the workplace in particular face heavy work every day, as well as all kinds of trivial housework and, have to raise children. Taking care of the exquisite hairstyles of Internet celebrities are not very practical. Under such realistic conditions many people give up dressing themselves.

For people who have no time to take care of themselves or lazy person the popular cute bob as well as bob wigs is a good recommendation. By changing the texture of the hair or adding some details you can create a soft and stylish hairstyle.

Gentle Bob Hairstyle Recommendation

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  1.  Broken Layered Short Bob

This hairstyle is based on the traditional Bob head. By increasing the outline of the overall hairstyle and the layering of the top of the hair it shows an irregular beauty in a gentler way. Pinch the surface of the hair and use hair wax. Filamentous texture thus presenting a three-dimensional appearance.

The treatment of the ear-level bangs can play a role in modifying the face but it will not make the whole person look very dull and the entire weight is on the top of the hair making the top of the hair fluffier. Don’t worry it is tightly attached to the scalp or it is soft and has no center of gravity.

The area around the face has also been modified and the treatment of short hair looks neater and girls with more broken hair or frizzy hair don’t have to worry. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that the ears are not completely exposed but the earlobe part will not be blocked. In summer earrings can also be fully exposed without covering the earrings and without destroying the style of the styling.

  1. Gentle Neutral Bob

A capable and handsome bob and gentleness seem to be contradictory words but a gentle neutral bob combines the advantages of the two hairstyles. It not only has a neutral handsomeness and concept but also creates a kind of gentleness. It also shows the feeling of temperament and the whole hairstyle seems to be taken care of at will.

If you want to make this texture you need the curling iron and hair wax to cooperate with each other and use the focus of the curling iron on the hair on the surface layer which can have a very fluffy feeling feminine temperament and a full glossy state creating a sense of intimacy as if the whole hair was infused with air.

  1. Shattered Bangs Bob for Black Women

In addition to being gentle the bob can also create a sweet shape decorated with relatively straight bangs which can increase the sweet atmosphere. The overall bob shape does not have that rounded arc. This long bob which was all the rage a decade ago is now back with a resurgence of retro.

This hairstyle is also very easy to take care of. The length is similar to the length of the above collarbone hair. You can ask Mr. Tony to cut your bangs to a certain length to expose the eyes and eyelashes.

Use a curling iron to shape the bangs so that they stay on the side naturally and gently roll inward to show the shape of an inner button. After all the hair is cut take a small amount of wax pick up a small number of bangs and apply a small amount to the bangs. Can produce a feeling of broken hair.

  1. Fluffy and Cute Short Bob

Among the above hairstyles the fluffy and cute short-wave bob is also the most fashionable hairstyle. It is inspired by the combination of straight short hair and bob that is popular this year. To create a gentle feeling the emphasis is to look slightly messy hair ends feel as if they have not been taken care of.

Create a playful look with an asymmetrical cut and pin one side of your hair behind your ear for a more refined and lightweight look. If you’re a styling expert try using some products to make your hair slightly damp. Pay attention to the lines of the side ear part it must be clean and neat so as to show a kind of ability.

  1.  Fluffy Ultra Short Bob

The biggest feature of the bob head is that the outline looks very round and straight and the whole has a curling feeling. Compared with the once popular straight bob head it is more friendly to most women.

Especially now many people like to perm and curly hair. For women over 30 years old curly hair can highlight their temperament. Although short hair can also be textured to create a feminine and soft atmosphere. Hair strands to pull out the fluffy feeling can create a light vision.

For the side hairstyle a small C volume that is turned outward can be created so that the entire visual sense is flowing backwards and it can also present a sense of lightness.

  1. Casual Short Bob

If you look closely at the above hairstyles, you will find one thing the reason why the bob is back in fashion now is that it looks more capable and it is better to grasp the bob with sharp lines and sharp lines compared to the previous type. The pineapple head is basically all about creating a range with a variety of soft textures and curls.

On this basis combined with the popular sports style the bob has also developed a sports style which can easily create a sense of intimacy with a hairdryer and hair oil.

However, this hairstyle has slightly higher requirements on facial features. If the facial lines are undulating or the cheekbones are expanded with a double chin the three court and five eyes are not very standard and people who can see the proportion out of proportion at a glance are not suitable for this hairstyle. A hairstyle that fully exposes the facial features.

The focus of this hairstyle is the broken hair on the side which must be relatively neatly arranged placed behind the ears or directly cut short to expose most of the bangs in front of the ears you can use hair wax to raise it or use a small electric curling iron to perm it a curved arc.

  1. Retro Bob

The main trend has finally reached the hairstyle industry and even the bob has caught the retro train. The fluffy and curly bob is gaining popularity. A favourite of many.

This hairstyle cannot be made with a simple electric curling rod and needs to be permed and set in advance. Hair can generally achieve this effect near the length of the collarbone and you must choose a large volume when you perm.

After the small curling stick is set it is easy to turn into a grandmother’s head. Perming from the root of the hair will create a very obvious fluffy feeling which is very suitable for people with severe hair loss and a high hairline or less hair itself.


The trend of dressing and matching is different every year and the trend of hairstyles is also very different. In fact, like clothes hairstyles are constantly advancing with the times on the basis of the original and the design improvement has the current effect. On the basis of understanding your own facial features and temperament if you want to try an improved bob you may refer to the above for inspiration. The bob is awesome! 7 gentle bob hairstyles easy and fashionable tones people like.