Are you looking for an elastic and lightweight hose to use in your garden? If you’re looking for a specific hose with durable characteristics, we are able to assist you. Bernini is an internet-based shop that is based in America. United Statesthat sells items for the yard like bird feeders, fountains, garden decor, items, etc.

Prior to purchasing items from this store online it is essential to inquire regarding Bernini Hose Review. This will allow you to be aware of whether the website is genuine or not.

Brief overview of Bernini

Bernini can be described as an internet shop that sells yard-related products. The site is well-known for the creation of a rechargeable garden fountain as well as a garden metal hose. If you require a durable, robust, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and flexible hose go to this site. Here is a listing of the types of water that can be found in hose:

  1. Flexible End Fabric Hose
  2. Metal Garden Original Hose
  3. Lite metal garden hose
  4. Hose Nozzle Grip EZ
  5. Sprinkler Rust
  6. Garden Critter Ladybug Sprinkler
  7. Compact Rubber Bernini Garden Hose

Does Bernini Hose Legal? The question pops up in the minds of all buyers prior to buying from a store that is not recognized. The shop sells a variety of water hoses that will assist you in watering the garden efficiently.The website claims that their products are made of stainless steel and are impervious to UV rays.Furthermore you have to confirm the authenticity of the store before buying any item.

The features in Bernini Hose

  • Purchase hose from
  • Email-Id:[email protected], [email protected]
  • Telephone Number:(619) 449-2392
  • Address: Santee California, Pathway Street 9545, 92701, United States.
  • The store offers a limited warranty for one year.
  • There are very only a few Bernini Hose reviews can be found on the official site of the store.
  • Social media profiles were found via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook However, no reviews of any kind were found.
  • Return Policy: No returns or refund policy is mentioned on the site.
  • Shipping Policy: There is no shipping policy is stated.
  • Payment methods: Gpay AMEX, Visa, discover and the FB Play

Positive Highlights

  • Contact information, Email, and shop address are listed.
  • This company has been SSL certified.

Negative Highlights

  • Information about the owner is not available.
  • Refund, return shipping and return policies aren’t mentioned.
  • Social media profiles that are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are available, but there isn’t any review on the subject.

Do you think Bernini Hose Legal?

Bernini may be a legitimate shop if it meets certain legitimate criteria. There are numerous sites that claim to be legitimate but turn out to be fraudulent. To determine if a website is genuine or fake, examine certain aspects such as trust base, Alexa rank, data security as well as other indicators. Let’s look at some factors that can help you determine the authenticity of a websites:

  • Site creation The site was created on December 12, 2012 and will expire on the 13th day of December, 2022.
  • Registerer: IONOS SE is the registrar of this website.
  • Data Security: the site uses the HTTPS secure extension which means that encryption of data transmitted via a secure connection.
  • User review There are not enough Bernini Hose reviews available on the official site. A lot of positive reviews about Hose can be found on well-known online purchasing platforms.
  • Privacy policy:The privacy policy of the website is outlined .
  • The Trust Rating:The trust score of this website is 68%. This corresponds to an average trust score.
  • Social Media Sites Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts are available, but there aren’t enough reviews and followers on these pages.
  • Not enough Details:The owner’s details, shipping policies for return and refund are not included on the website.

These are some guidelines to judge if a website is authentic or fake. However, there are a lot of positive reviews on other shopping websites.

Bernini Hose Reviews

Bernini store is listed with an email contact address as well as information along with the address for the store. Certain crucial information like the policy on refunds and returns as well as shipping information and the owner’s information is not on the website.Few reviews are available on the site, however there are positive reviews on other online shopping platforms. Social media websites are listed however, no pertinent information is available.

Last Verdict

The pertinent information regarding the site is provided in this article. Trust score for Bernini Hose Review is average and the customers’ feedback is also favorable. The site is scheduled to expire in December 2022.