Berlin Coordinates Pokemon go will be discussing the ongoing live fest and helping you locate the best coordinates. This post contains more information.

Are you part of the Pokemon Go Fest? Are you searching for the best locations to catch Pokemon in your area? The location is very important when it comes to catching Pokemon. Sometimes, legendary Pokemon are the target of players. The United StatesUnited Kingdom and India Pokemon games are still popular.

This post will show you where to find coordinates and the Berlin Coordinates PokemonGo.

What is the Coordinates?

  • Berlin coordinates:
  • Griessmuhle: 52.429892 13.505498
  • Kater Blau: 52.522199 13.425576
  • Museumsinsel: 52.516876 13.401885
  • Tempelhofer Feld: 52.475170 13.400970
  • Urban Spree 52.507694 13.451576

Top places to visit for Pokémon

  • Pier at coordinate 37.8095 122.41101. The area is packed with gyms making it the best place for all types of Pokemon.
  • Disneyland Tokyo – coordinate 35.6312 139.8809, Another place to haunt.
  • Central Park 39.7803 73.9630 For bug and grass types Pokemon
  • Niantic coordinates37.7894 122.4016 principal office for spawning.
  • Chemistry Park was hit 41.661545 0.89470 in order to receive objects or mission.

These are some Best coordinates for Pokemon Go to visit to increase your chance of seeing the haunt.

When is and where is Pokemon Go fest?

If you are patient and wait for the Fest long-year, the event will be back. The Pokemon Go Fest begins on July 1, 2022. It will conclude on July 3, 2022. Berlin, Germany will be the first stop. Britzer Gardens hosts the event. Tickets details: EUR32.13* Berlin Early Admission for Britzergarten for an event that runs from 9 am to 6pm local time.

EUR24.99* General admission costs for Britzer Garten Berlin, an event between 9 and 6pm local time.

What are some highlights of the Berlin coordinates Pokemon Go Fest ?

  • Enjoy collecting Pokemon, and interact with other Trainers.
  • Send a friend a photo of the event to surprise them.
  • Check your skills against other trainers on the Battle Ground.
  • You can only purchase a T-shirt at this event and the other Pokemon GO Fest 2022 locations.
  • Shiny Pansear will be making their Pokemon GO debuts, while Shiny Foongus will be there. If you’re lucky enough to be able to meet them,
  • Britzer Garten can be used to complete the event-only Special Research.
  • Fieldwork can be fun with a theme.

Pokemon go:

Knowing Berlin Coordinates PokemonGoLet’s see what the game is all of?

Pokemon Go was created by Niantic Labs in 2016. To capture Pokemon, players can use GPS. It is a popular game on smartphones with millions of players.


This is all about the best coordinates and events. We hope you enjoy the Pokemon Go festival and reap the many benefits. For tickets visit the official site.

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