Why are surveillance systems crucial when it comes to home and fire safety? The answer is simple! With an all-in-one smoke, motion, built-in alarm, temperature & humidity, noise, and carbon monoxide alarm, it warns you when there is a fire to save lives! But it has loads of other benefits as well.

What is a Surveillance System

When you have an all-in-one surveillance system, it can sense smoke to alert you that a fire has started. The main advantage is that it is an early warning system; you can install it anywhere in your home or in a commercial building.

The best part is that it provides fire safety measures and can detect movement in the home when it should not. With early warning as fires and break-ins can happen at any given time, it warns you of these crucial hazards.

The rule of thumb is to install a smoke detector on every floor of your home or a commercial building. As a fire can ignite when people are not present in a room or a building section, it is essential to have one at every level.

The all-in-one system will alarm to indicate there is smoke present or movement by informing you on a mobile app. Furthermore, the surveillance system can also interconnect with other smoke alarms in the building.

The early warning signals help increase evacuation in a fire before it spreads out of control. In addition, you can inform emergency medical teams early enough to help with the fire department or police, depending on your emergency.

What Other Features Should Be Installed With Your Surveillance System

While you may have an all-in-one detector to simplify your home security, it still helps to have a fire extinguisher with fire alarms on hand. In addition, ensure that you have emergency lights and, where possible have a sprinkler system installed.

While a break-in can happen, the most devastating thing that can happen to your home or building is a fire. Recovering from fire takes time hence it is essential to place the smoke detectors in areas like the basement, inside bedrooms, and outside living quarters.

Wrapping Things Up

The best investment you can make is installing an all-in-one security system informing you when there is a break-in, humidity change, or fire. The important thing is to fully protect your investment and your family from fire hazards.

An all-in-one smoke detector that works as a photo-electric, electrochemical with radar motion sensor can save many lives. So instead of investing in different smoke alarms, you can invest in one surveillance like the owl sensor to connect to your other home security system.

You can connect it to a mobile app to inform you if there are any hazards in the home. While wired, it also has a backup battery if there are power outages to keep you safe.