Antigua and Barbuda

Suppose you are still considering where to apply for citizenship. In that case, Antigua can be a good starting point for business development, world education, travel, and much more because it is one of the safest countries in the world. It may not be possible to mention all the advantages in this article, but we will try to lay them out by providing information that will help you apply for and obtain the long-awaited second passport.

A safe harbor for a quiet and measured life

Antigua is a nation of two islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is a safe haven for tourists who travel abroad on vacation and cosmopolitans who want to root for the territory. Endless beaches and plenty of water activities are what the population lives on. In addition, the islands are well-developed medicine and many private clinics which will take a call and provide urgent medical care. The independent state is highly developed, with higher education institutions, schools, and kindergartens. Therefore, children from infancy to adulthood can freely receive an international education.

A fast and reliable way to acquire citizenship

There are absolutely no obligations for people acting as contributors to the country’s economy – to do business on one of the islands or just to live; it is possible to leave at any time and leave the territory, visiting friends and relatives from different countries. Antigua citizenship by investment benefits allows this.

It is enough to invest in real estate or a fund to get permission to enter and leave the country freely to live and do business. And after a maximum of 6 months to get Caribbean citizenship. The program is valid for five years, after which it can be extended or sold as real estate. According to the specialist company Immigrant Invest, Zlata Erlach, this is an undeniable advantage of a particular system. However, many more opportunities open up to people after the paperwork. 

 Antigua CBI benefits

First, there is no taxation, so there won’t be necessary to pay taxes on inheritance or rental income. Secondly, it is a quiet and peaceful place that simultaneously develops in terms of opportunities. Children can get international education, and adults can enjoy the outdoors with the ability to visit European Union countries without visas.

The advantages of an Antigua passport and citizenship are the following: 

  • Quick obtaining of the country’s passport and support for dual citizenship;
  • Visa-free travel throughout the European Union, the number of which is constantly growing;
  • compliance with the law, personal and territorial security;
  • excellent medicine and individual approach to patients;
  • a good education for children of international standing;
  • People of different nationalities can visit the country;
  • the opportunity to bring children, parents, and pensioners, as well as for them to issue a passport;
  • instant issuance of visas to any country in the European Union;
  • distance from the hustle and bustle, tall buildings, and polluted areas;
  • recreation in nature and a lot of water activities;
  • developed sphere of information technology, construction, and tourism.

Cosmopolitans are not required to come to the state during the Antigua CBI program application and paperwork process. However, a resident may be required to be present at the embassy at any time. 

These advantages show how developed the state is and can continue to improve. Therefore, if one plans their life and applies for citizenship in Antigua, one can count on good “dividends” – literally and figuratively.