alcohol based hand sanitizers

Ethyl aka alcohol based hand sanitizers is a thing to be reckoned with. The traditional way is to use soap or carbon-based products. They worked fabulously until Ethyl came into the market. Most people just drink it, so why haven’t they thought of applying it on hand before eating or after shitting? Now you do thanks to this awesome discovery. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer was first introduced by a nursing student named Lupe Hernandez from Bakersfield, California, but its usage can be traced back more than 5000 years ago. Yes, this was firstly discovered by Egyptians that alcohol can sterilize wounds. Now you know where the phrase “Throw a bear into your wound” originated. Let’s learn about some benefits of using alcohol-based hand sanitizer over soaps,

1. Effectiveness:-

The first thing to consider is that soaps can’t kill all germs. It works roughly between 80-90%. While alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill up to 99% of germs. Since Corona came to town, this became very popular. Corona spread to your sensitive parts like your nose or mouth most likely when you touched them. Once this became public, alcohol-based hand sanitizers became an integrated part of our routine. Same for alcohol-based handwash. During that time alcohol was used in sanitizer so much that just drinking beer was costing more than 10 times the regular price.

2. Choices:-

Portable hand sanitizers are the most famous of all. It came in small sizes which could fit in any kind of pocket. Some gels will melt after rubbing for a few seconds. There is also a foam version which is an on-the-go handwash. Effortless and super effective at the same time.

4. Flammable:-

Yes, you can rely on it to make a fire or burn some grass down. This is no joke. Alcohol is a highly flammable substance and should always be kept out of children’s hands. Never use it while cooking or throw it near flammable places. Well, I think it’s a benefit to some degree. This is because you can use it to start a fire if you’re lost in a jungle and you don’t know how to do it with sticks or rocks. In that case, you can utilize your hand sanitizer as petrol or something. Just make sure to stay a few feet away or your cloth may catch fire.


There are many positive and negative aspects to everything. It’s flammable as we just discussed. Small ones may suffer internal injuries if they drink it. Again, make sure toddlers are not within their reach. Also, overuse of rinseless hand sanitizer could potentially weaken your immunity system. Some research proved that overuse and overexposure to alcohol by weak immune persons could make them vulnerable to the E Coli virus. Drawing a line between proper and inappropriate use is a must. Alcohol also removes natural oil along with germs. So it will make your skin drier than usual so make sure to apply some oils whenever dryness occurs. Stay healthy and use your brain!