The Bellenten Online Store is a new concept that you may not have heard about. Does this site have genuine shoppers? This post might be helpful if you are looking for answers to that question.

Bellenten’s online store in the United States claims it sells exceptional fashion products at affordable prices. But how do the bellenten reviews online look? What are shoppers’ opinions? Do the Bellenten websites justify the claims they make? You can read this entire post for all the details regarding the Bellenten website.

Overview Of Bellenten Online Store

As we’ve already stated, they “claim to” sell fashion shopping products. Surprisingly, customers will not find any product that is related to the fashion niche. You can find retail products here:

  • Cool fidget spinner
  • New professional rotational camera Drone
  • 3-in-1 screen cleaner
  • Toys and More Products

Does Bellenten have a legit website or is it a scam? Bellenten’s website provided information on the basic products that they sold. The online shop’s legitimacy is crucial because it provides information to the shopper not only about the shop’s work, but also gives an indication of the authenticity and trust of the store.

Bellenten Shop Features

  • Buy a cool fidget spinner:
  • Phone details: +(86)17630345870
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Content Originality (Copyright): The Bellenten website contains a total number of 15 pages. According to the siteliner website, there’s 2% of duplicate content.

Continue reading bellenten Reviews to see the positive and bad highlights.

  • Address: Unit 2 – 22/f. Richmond comm.bldg. 109 Argyle street, Mongkok Kowloon Hong Kong
  • Bellenten accepts returns up to 30 Days.
  • Shipping policy: US shipping takes between 5-15 days. Shipping to other areas can take between 10-20 business days.
  • Payment options: MasterCard and Visa, Paypal, Visa. American Express, Union Pay, Online Banking.

Positive Highlights

  • HTTPS protocol detected
  • The details of the owner are verified.
  • Bellenten has all of the required contact details on its official website.

Negative highlights

  • Bellenten’s official website has negative customer reviews.
  • Duplicate content is detected.

Is Bellenten Legit?

Shoppers can assess the legitimacy of Bellenten’s online store by reviewing the information provided below. So please take the time to read it all.

  • Register: Bellenten is an online store registered under
  • Trust Level:Bellenten online shopping site had a low trust level of only 2 percent. We cannot trust them.
  • Website registration11th of July 2022 was the registration date for the Bellenten Online Store. It is estimated that this website will last for only two weeks.
  • Customer Review: Our research on Bellenten Reviews revealed a strange fact. Bellenten was originally registered in July. We found customer reviews dating back to June and even February, on their official website. Fake customer reviews are possible.
  • Policy All information regarding their mandatory policies can be found on their website.
  • Social Media:They are not available via social media.
  • Data safety.customers’ data are protected using HTTPS protocol. However this is not always safe.
  • Missing information. The social media account at the Bellenten website is down and not available.

Bellenten Reviews

We found both negative and positive customer reviews for Bellenten’s official websites through internet-based research. One customer complained that they received a poor-quality drone and reported it as fraud. This website is also being reviewed by many internet users. These users concluded that customers should not place trust in this website.

Alexa’s global rank on the Bellenten website was 5129906, which is quite poor. This website is not recommended to buyers unless all details are verified. Buyers can also review steps on credit card theft.

Final Summary

To conclude this post on bellenten Reviews we already stated that we don’t recommend this website to shoppers. Because it has a recently registered domain, low trust factor, and poor customer reviews. The following steps can be taken by consumers to protect themselves from PayPal fraud. To read more about Bellenten, visit this HTML3_ link HTML3_ HTML4_.