No costume is perfect without a pair of sunglasses. Whether you are wearing a pair of effortlessly chic aviators, rockabilly wayfarers, or even a pair of those bizarre, bug-eyed goggles for girls that somehow seem to work for many people (even though we don’t quite understand why).

Although goggles for girls are crucial to screen your eyes and the surrounding face areas from the sun’s harmful rays, sunglasses are not just there to protect your skin. Sunglasses for women are also worn for social and aesthetic reasons. They are the perfect accessory to hide your massive eye-rolling (you know, the one you do whenever someone you do not like will not stop talking), to sneakily check out someone cute in the metro or subtly avoid eye contact when in your anti-social phase. A pair of sunglasses can be your saving grace! And to help you pick out the perfect pair, we have shortlisted some extremely stylish goggles for girls that are worth going gaga over.

Bling it on!

A pair of glasses

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If being a total over-the-top diva is the kind of vibe you are looking for, we have got just the right pair of goggles for girls for you! Your haters will turn green with envy when they see you walking by in these sexy oversized gold hexagonal frames. Made with an ultra-light metal alloy, these frames are sturdy and lightweight and sit snugly on your face. Its gradient lenses can add a little oomph to your OOTD and what’s amazing is that if you wear prescription glasses, you can opt for powered lenses instead. 

Little Ladybug

A pair of red sunglasses

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Now we have had our reservations about bugeye goggles for girls, but even we couldn’t resist the charm of this sultry pair of sunglasses. Perfect for anyone who is into vibrant colours and textures, this pair of sunglasses will make a perfect addition to their collection. And even if bright tones are not your vibe, we suggest checking out these sunglasses for women because we believe in the power of red! What’s great about this pair is that it offers 100% UV rays protection and ensures that you have the sharpest view with the least strain, thanks to its polarised lenses.

Classic Chic

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If you are a fan of classic styles, we are sure you already have a pair of classic aviator style goggles for girls, but we are here to convince you why you need another! Now the reason why we picked out these uber-stylish aviator-style sunglasses is not just because they look super cute. The dual-toned bubble gum pink and gold frames are undeniably cute indeed, but the modern twist to the classic style is worth noticing. The contrasting nose bridge and temples add an extra oomph to the design, making these aviator-style goggles for girls perfect for any outfit.

Rimless Retro


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A pair of round spectacles and goggles for girls is a total classic. And the fact that they have managed to stay on the hottest eyewear trends list for so long is only proof of their versatility. This pair of round sunglasses we picked out for you is an excellent example of how modern trends mixed with classic designs can create head-turning pieces. With a gleaming metallic frame and rimless mirrored lenses, this pair of sunglasses for women is worth a stare. 

No matter what look are you going for, from classic cool to modern-day fashionista, it would be best if you had a pair of goggles for girls to compliment your outfit. And if you are looking for trendy, affordable options, we suggest checking out Fastrack’s sunglasses for women. The brand is widely known for creating budget-friendly statement eyewear without compromising on its quality.