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Internet sites can be a bit tricky and confusing. It is essential for you to verify the legitimacy of any website you visit. There are sites that are legitimate or fraudulent. We encourage that you read our review articles to get a full review.

Today, in our Barusha reviews We will be talking about barusha.com that offers items shipped across India as well as in the United States, and around the world.

What is Barusha.com?

Barusha.com is an internet-based portal founded by Jody who is mentioned on the site. The company is committed to producing excellence and setting the highest standards in all they do.

You can find items such as Gabby Purrfect Dollhouse as well as Magic Mixies Interactive Plush Toy Misting Cauldron.

On the About Us page of the website provides information about a few cosmetics, but we couldn’t find any information on the site. We will find out more information about the other issues related to this website under the Is Barusha Legit section.

Specifications of Barusha.com

There are numerous things shoppers shopping online should look for when visiting a site. The following are similar to things concerning barusha.com:

  • URL: https://barusha.com/
  • Category: children toys e-commerce website
  • Domain age: The owner registered the website on July 29, 2015. Therefore, it has an average age of 6 years three months, and 24 days.
  • Contact phone number +1(314) 391-2119
  • Email address: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Company name: Day UP Commerce Co., Ltd.
  • Company Address: 3725 Guinevere Street, Houston, Texas-77129, US
  • Social media icons show an image of a link to the Facebook page of the company. Facebook is available on the site
  • Accepted payment methods: According to our study for Barusha Review This business accepts only credit cards such as Maestro, MasterCard, VISA and many more.
  • Return address: Room 501, Unit 2, Building 11, Lingyun 7th District, Beiyuan Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China
  • Return Policy: Customers are able to quickly return the items within 30 days of delivery. The product must be within their packaging in original in perfect condition. The product are returned only upon having requested the identical.
  • Refund Policy: A 20% restocking charge will be charged to customers who return. The company will reimburse the balance of the payment to the payment method used originally.
  • Shipping and delivery policy In Barusha reviews we say that this business offers free shipping standard for all orders to any international country. The processing time is between 2 and 3 business days and the delivery times will vary based on the country of destination. Information on tracking the order is available.

Pros of Barusha.com

Here are some benefits of purchasing from this site:

  • They have policies that are friendly to customers.
  • The complete information about the product are provided in the boxes for description.
  • The domain name used by the website is not new.
  • This website is based on HTTPS protocol.

Cons of Barusha.com

Learn about the disadvantages of barusha.com:

  • The website has fake information.
  • It has been awarded an average score of trust.
  • It also includes plagiarized content.

Is Barusha Legit?

  • Trust Index: 40/100
  • Trust Rank: 58.2/100
  • Global Alexa rank none ranking is assigned to this website.
  • Domain ageis 6 years old, three months, and 24 hours Date: 20/07/2015
  • Domain Expiry: 29/07/2022
  • Customer policies: all policies are listed on the website
  • Content copied from other websites: barusha.com contains copied content from other websites.
  • Links to social media sites: the Facebook site is connected to the site, but it does not contain any important information.
  • Customer reviews: No reviews from customers are linked to the website.
  • Owner’s information: the information of the owner appears at the top of the page. Jody is co-creator of the website.
  • About Us page: this page claims that the site is a beauty product retailer but no product is currently available. This means that the content is also fake.

Customers’ Barusha Reviews

Reviews and feedback from customers related to a site tell us to the legitimacy of the site and its offerings. However, for barusha.com there aren’t any reviews from customers online. Internet.

The website also features an additional section dedicated to customer reviews. We haven’t found any. We found this to be odd looking at the domain’s age.


As part of the Barusha Reviews article we were introduced to barusha.com which offers cute toys for kids.

The site has been in operation for over six years, but it’s not popular and doesn’t have any reviews from customers available.