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What caused the Accident?

Bart Bryant, a three time winner of the PGA Tour, was killed in a collision with a car. According to Polk County Sheriff reports, Bryant’s SUV collided with a pickup truck. The back of Bryant’s SUV collided with his pickup truck. The unfortunate accident occurred while he was waiting for a Polk city crew to finish their work. The PGA Tour commissioner expressed his sorrow and condolences for his loss to his family. This tragic accident is deeply felt by everyone.

Bart Bryant Wife was also present in the vehicle and was rushed to the emergency room. She suffered minor injuries. Bryant is a member the PGA Tour Family for more than 40 years. Bryant’s contribution to the PGA Tour family was acknowledged by the PGA Tour Commissioner. The PGA Tour was greatly affected by the passing of a Pro-golfer. Bryant even beat Tiger Woods and was awarded the highest pay check of his golf career. Bryant wasn’t responding to emergency personnel when he was discovered in Polk City. His wife, who was also in that vehicle, is 49.

Bart Bryant Net Worth 2022

Bryant qualified in 1976 for the PGA Tour after he attended the University of New Mexico. It was his final year of high school. Bryant was 40 years old and won his first major title. He finished the third- and fourth Charles Schwab Cup races in 2007, which was his best year of tennis. Bryant won the U.S. Senior Open title in the same year. Bryant’s younger brother also won 2 PGA Tours.

Bryant has been a great success in his career and could earn a lot of money. His net worth ranges from $1-$5million.

Bart Bryant Family has been grieving his loss. Donna Bryant is Bart Bryant’s wife. She is the current spouse of the golfer. Bart was married to Cathy Bryant before her passing. After suffering from the disease for a full year, Cathy died from brain cancer. Bart has no children from Donna. Bart and Donna do have children from an earlier marriage. Bart is the father of two daughters. Kristen Bart Bryant Bryant is the father of Michelle Bart Bryant. In addition to his immediate family, many close friends are also affected by this tragic event.

Bart Bryant New Widow, Donna, was left alone following her death. Bart was conceived in Gatesville, Texas on the 18th of November 1962. He was the child of a Baptist pastor.

Bryant was able persevere and succeed in his field because of his humility. He was presented with the Ben Hogan Award of Golf Writers Association of America 2006.


Bart never got bored of playing golf. His incredible performances set many records. Despite having two surgeries on his elbows, he won his first tournament at Texas Open 2004.

Bart Bryant also shares a older brother. Bart Bryant Brother is also a qualified player on the PGA Tour. Click the link to find out more .

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