Have you received a message from your Bank stating that your card has been locked or that there was some unusual activity on your account? It is not a new piece of information in regards to online phishing scams.

Online scams are very common regardless of where you live, whether it’s in the United States, or anywhere else. We were recently captivated by the Bank Mobile Alert scam by Visa. Let’s learn more!

The recent Visa Mobile Scam Alert:

According to some surveys and online reports, there were many complaints and reports about online fraud from consumers in July 2022. These scams also led to a rise in the amount of money that consumers lost.

According to reports, users get text messages stating that their Visa card has been locked or blocked. To unblock their card, they must follow certain steps.

How do you recognize a Bank mobile Alert Visa Card locked ?

Although it might seem difficult, there are times when you can spot a scam Bank alert. Scammers will attempt to take your personal information without your consent, either directly or indirectly.

Text messages may be sent asking you to call a number or click on a link to unlock your card. Although it may seem like a legitimate message from the Bank you should be careful.

Call your Bank’s customer service to find out if your card was blocked or if it is from them. We advise you to be aware of the Bank Mobile Alert Visa Card LOCKED messages.

Increased Online Bank Mobile Scams:

We have seen an increase of digital shopping and payments since the Covid-19 pandemic. Scammers have taken advantage of this spike in online payments to steal your personal information and withdraw all your money.

Fraudsters are able to con vulnerable customers and take their money in innovative ways. They pretend to be legitimate people who call or text you for your Bank, but in fact they are scammers.

More Bank Mobile Alerts :

There are many ways to avoid being a victim of a Bank Alert scam.

It is best not to give out your personal information online or over the phone to suspicious or questionable sites. Keep your credit card handy and immediately block your Bank if it is lost. Do not click on links that ask you to unblock your credit card or do any other important activity on your account.

Contact your Bank immediately if you notice suspicious activity in your account.

Final Words

We hope that you have now found all details about the recent Bank mobile alert scam which was sent to Visa cardholders. It is important to be cautious and not share your personal information online or over the phone.

Are you familiar with such alert messages from your Bank? Comment below to let us know!