Even when a business is small, it can store its important information on computers and smart devices like phones. This information can be stolen or the systems can be attacked, thus, causing harm to a small business. Bangladesh Online (BOL) by Beximco is an ISP that suggests attaining knowledge of internet security for small businesses. The top internet service provider in Bangladesh has also suggested knowing a few tips. 

Keep reading to know what these tips are and how useful they can be.

4 Simple Internet Tips to Secure Your Small Business

In the opinion of internet service providers like Bangladesh Online (BOL) by Beximco, it can be helpful to get antivirus services. The simple solution can go a long way to secure the information of small businesses. The use of VPN and passcodes can also be thought of. Along with this, knowing which internet security tool you are using is highly recommended.

Let us read more about these 4 tips below.

1. Install & Update Antivirus

Antivirus is software that, as you would know, defends your system. Small businesses can prefer installing it as it can be budget-friendly. While installing the antivirus can be important, updating it is also recommended by internet service providers. By keeping it updated:

  • Your private information can remain intact.
  • Virus attacks can be less likely.
  • You are less likely to see spam-related problems.

2. Know About the Security Tools Being Used

Small businesses may install a number of security tools for the purpose of protecting their data/information. Some of these tools may be free while others may cost less. Even when they do not affect the budget, the top internet service provider in Bangladesh says that the knowledge of such tools should be attained. Their features, reliability, and what they can do to your system should be known by small businesses.

3. Utilize VPN

A VPN is useful for encrypting the traffic coming from the internet. When a free network is used for Wi-Fi services, a person may steal your information. This can happen when both of you are connected to the same free network. With the use of a VPN, such instances can be prevented, explains BOL by Beximco.

4. Opt for Passcodes

A passcode can be optional. Not being mandatory, small business owners may choose to not use them. BOL by Beximco gives a useful tip that using passcodes on devices can lock your data. On devices like smartphones, the top internet service provider in Bangladesh BOL by Beximco says that you may or may not keep data belonging to your business. Even then, using a passcode can ensure that any of your information does not fall into wrong hands and then make way for suspicious attacks.


Data security can be needed when you use the internet to operate the tasks of your small business. Without investing much, it can be simpler to secure your small business’ data. With the tips given here, your data can be prevented from getting attacked in a number of ways.