Did you know that there is a shortage of infant food in North American nations? Continue reading to learn more about the importance of this topic and its impact on infants.

Parents in the United States, and Canada are concerned about the severe shortage of infant food. There are numerous reports about the difficulty finding the products.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Baby Formula Shortage Canada to understand the severity of the problem for parents and infants.

The Baby Formula Shortfall

Parents from both Canada and America have reported a shortage of baby formula on social media. Parents of infants were concerned when the shortage of formula continued to increase.

These countries have a severe shortage in baby formula. The suppliers are finding it difficult to meet the huge demand. With the support of multiple brands, suppliers are making great efforts to meet the demand for baby formula.

Baby Formula Shortage Canada

  • Official reports indicate that more than 40% of infant formula was in the “out-of-stock” category.
  • According to CNN and USA Today, over 11,000 stores were faced with a shortage of supplies.
  • The infant food out-of-stock rate was 2 to 8% at the beginning of 2021, and it has risen to over 40% since then.
  • Walgreens and CVS have restricted the sale of baby formula in order to prevent stockpiling.
  • To find the right baby food for their children, parents are often forced to travel from low-supply regions.

Reasons for Infant Formula Deficit

  • Baby Formula Shortage Canada refers to the recall of several products by Abbott Nutrition. Experts agree that it is a major reason for this shortage.
  • Following reports of infant illnesses and deaths following consumption of Abbott infant formula, three major infant products were recalled in February 2022.
  • Parents who depended on public benefits were also affected by the Abbott issue that led to the recalling of their instant formula.

Views on the Current Shortage:

  • Michelle Pensa Branco is a lactation consultant at SafelyFed Canada. She advised parents to keep calm and not panic. Continue reading Baby Formula Shortage Canada.
  • Walmart issued an official statement, highlighting the current shortages and the global challenges.
  • Danika Frey, Waterloo mother, stated that she had not seen the infant brand she used in February 2022.
  • Frey was told by another parent that he drove hours to search for baby formula.


Infants can be affected by inadequacies in baby formula if new supply chains are established. Good nutrition is essential for infants’ growth and development.

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