Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd: The Ultimate Guide for New Dog Owners

From the mighty Pyrenees of Europe to the ranches of California, Australian Shepherds are known for their distinctive looks and energetic demeanor. This patterned puppy is ready to run with the people he loves and learn new skills. The indigenous Basques, known as world-class shepherds for centuries, used Pyrenean breeds to help agriculture on the Franco-Spanish border.

In the early 1800s, some Basques brought their dogs east to Australia. They promise to be the perfect pasture for cattle ranches, and they cross border collies with their dogs. Eventually, California called the roaming Basques by their first names. When they arrived in the Golden State, California ranchers were impressed with their robust and lively sheepdogs. However, ranchers believed the dogs were from Australia, hence the name Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherd Facts

To know which australian shepherd puppies for sale near me just click on this link. Although bred for ranch living, these smart dogs have always been rodeos, service dogs, and even drug detectors. Here are some facts you should know before getting an Australian Shepherd.


Usual Male Australian Shepherds are 20-23 inches tall and weigh 50-65 pounds, while females are 18-21 inches and 40-60 pounds.

Breed Characteristics

The Australian Shepherd is recognizable from a distance. It is often multicolored with white undercoat, and the tail is intertwined or clipped and the coat is moderately coarse. Their coats come in a variety of patterns including gray, white, brown, red, and black spots. Their ears are folded forward and their faces often move with alert expressions. Their eyes are usually clear blue, warm brown, or sometimes both!


Born and raised for herding, the Australian Shepherd is a working dog and loves to herd anything. You may find this breed naturally herding other animals in your house, family, or even yourself! However, they are great for work and dog sports, so if you want to play hard, they will work hard with you!

Beauty and Health Needs

The Australian Shepherd has a waterproof double coat. So brushing them off every week will help resolve tangles. However, they lose their winter coats in the spring, and when that happens, brushing them off every few days will help remove dead hair from them (and your carpet!). Due to their active lifestyle, Australians tend to get dirty, although their patterned fur is hard to notice! Bathing them occasionally helps ensure they don’t bring dirt and insects into the house from their thick coats. For Australians with folded ears, they are prone to ear infections. Check regularly for wax buildup or dirt that sometimes likes to hide there. 


Well-trained Australians are happy Australians. Obedience training at an early age is essential as this breed has a high energy level. Australians are protective, so make sure you understand the boundaries of your family and those who visit your home. They are very energetic and should not be left alone for long as protests can start destroying your property. Luckily, Australians need high-intelligence and working dogs, so they are well-trained and want to do well!

Energy level

The Australian Shepherd was born to be lively, free-running and breeding a variety of animals. Long walks and runs with Australians are their favorite activities. Australians like to drive away anything that moves, so be sure to leash them. Australians are also known for pier diving due to their waterproof jackets.

Who is the best Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd is a very intelligent and active dog. This breed is not suitable for sedentary or novice pet owners as Aussies can learn to trick you without your knowledge! Aussies are not for apartment living, it roams freely and loves to do things.

Adopt an Australian Shepherd

Whether to adopt a new Australian Shepherd puppy or work with a breeder is a personal choice that needs to be investigated. Thankfully, there are many resources to help you find a rescue or breeder who provides healthy and ethical Australian Shepherd puppies. When you own an Australian Shepherd, knowing your purpose is an important step in being a responsible pet owner. Whether you’re looking for a responsible breeder or planning an adoption, be prepared to add a lively and friendly member to your family.

Find an Australian Shepherd Breeder

As surprising as it turns out, it is possible to adopt an Australian Shepherd. According to the AKC, most rescue dogs report that most rescue dogs come from individual owners who surrender because of lifestyle changes or a breed that is not suitable for them. This means there may be many dogs and puppies looking for a new permanent home. The main difference between breeders and rescuers is that rescuers do not always have puppies to choose from. The benefit of this, however, is that most people should adopt only microchips and neutered/neutered dogs. This means you can break in and become a dog that doesn’t need these common medical procedures. You can also find Australian Shepherd mixes that have all the characteristics of the breed you want, but with a few extras