This news gives you a full insight into the past relationship of August 20,22 Alsina jada.

Are you familiar with Will Smith’s confession regarding the Oscar fiasco? Read on for more information.

Worldwide users have been crazy about Will Smith’s admission of guilt in August Alsina’s defense! The viral video of Will Smith cursing Chris has caused a huge sensation online. In the same vein, the Red carpet chart describing the entanglement Wilson aslina has been all the rage.

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August Alsina’s Oscar Incident

August Anthony Alsina jr. was conceived on September 3, 1992. American rapper and singer August Anthony Alsina Jr are known for their Orleans and defja recordings. He was involved in a romance with Jada.

Through all the Oscar Fiasco events, it was clear that August Alsina had been in a toxic relationship with Jada. He was so enslaved by the time that he disclosed the secret on the stage. It was his private life force which affected professionalism and his business skills.

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Reason for the Dust-Up

Jada and Will Smith’s relationship was very unbalanced in 2015. Jada became involved with RnB musicians and eventually ended up divorced from Will Smith. They plan to secretly date and enter into a romantic relationship. However, after only a few months of being together, he was disregarded and hampered by his career.

Will Smith was given the chance to speak out about his toxic relationship with Cris rock in 2022 during Oscars. Will Smith was unable to take the private affairs of Cris public and so he slapped Cris.

August 20,22 Alsina Jada Present Relationship

Jada Smith, a host, revealed her close relationship to August, the rapper, during a show interview on July 10, 2020. The conversation was posted on Facebook by Jada Smith and August. She explained that her husband had taken her away from August and she was able to see her again with his permission.

Jaden introduced August and Will Smith were not pleased with the situation. Will Smith went to her for reconciliation after she confirmed that she was disturbed by the obsession. Jada asserts that august has lost touch with her, and they rarely talk about the past.

Cris Participation in JadaSmith. August Alsina Incident

Chris Rock was the Oscar’s host and comedian on the 27th March 2022. Will Smith received his 94th Academy honor. After that, the comedian was publicly humiliated by him as he spoke about his past relationships.

Will Smith crossed a line and slapped Smith. Will Smith later apologized and admitted that he had done such a brutal act.


Let’s conclude by saying that the incident was related the couple’s personal past and unbalanced path. Will Smith, being an etiquette man, expressed regret at his behavior in writing.

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