Wordle lovers, welcome! I hope you’re busy solving yesterday’s Wordle 345. You have probably been scrolling through your online platform looking for the answer. You are now at the right place to find the answer.

Wordle has a large fan base in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is confusing for people to find the right word for their puzzle. This article Atomy Description will help you to solve your problem.

Wordle 345 Answer and Hints.

Many people are struggling to find the correct word for the puzzle, but they keep getting stuck in grey boxes. Let me give you some tips so that we can solve the puzzle quickly.


  • The letter A is the beginning of the word.
  • Two vowels make up the word.
  • The word means a small island.

Many people get confused with Atomy or Atole. Merriam Webster says that Atomy is a tiny particle. This definition applies to those who believe Atomy Word is the answer.

Let me take away the anxiety and let you know that the correct guess for Wordle 345 is “ATOLL”. Atoll refers to a coral-filled ring-shaped island.

To find the meaning of the word, it is being searched on most internet platforms. The average player has solved the puzzle with 3.7 attempts.

About Wordle.

Wordle is an online word game that word lovers can play. New York Times publishes the game. The Atomy definition article is about yesterday’s Wordle answer. This game allows you to use your brain to find the right word.

Josh Wardle, game developer, reveals each new puzzle at midnight every day. You can begin your day by solving the puzzle.

How do you play Wordle?

Each game has its own rules. Wordle also has its own rules for those who have limited time to play the game. Let’s learn how to play this game.

  • To solve the puzzle, players must guess five letters words.
  • Only six players have the chance to guess the correct word.
  • Each attempt will result in a color change in the tiles.
  • The green tile is a confirmation that your guess is correct. The yellow tile is a sign that the guess was correct, but it is in the wrong spot. The grey tile is a sign that your guess is incorrect.

A spinoff from Wordle.

The alternate Wordle game is presented to you.

Waffle; The player must guess six hidden words using five letters. You have only 15 chances to win this game.


The Atomy Definition article provides information about Wordle and its gameplay. The hints can help you solve yesterday’s puzzle.