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Junk food looks attractive and delicious and is quite difficult to resist. But parents must make it a point to cut down their junk food intake to keep them healthy and fit. Nowadays, most kids like to play digital games and toys. They are not into outdoor playing and other fun activities. This can greatly impact their health and fitness. Yellow Class is an online platform that encourages kids to take part in fun activities online. There are several kids indoor activities and free online hobby courses that can help them stay active at home. The online platform also offers yoga for kids, Zumba for kids, flameless cooking, dance, folk dance, wedding dance and more. Children constantly copy their parents’ behaviours and habits. Therefore, parents must themselves follow a healthy routine so that their kids can follow in their footsteps. Kids see their parents as their role models and it becomes necessary to have a healthy lifestyle to make them follow one. Parents must stay active, socialize, exercise, and explore other activities. Let us look at some tips that can help kids stay healthy and fit:

  • Eating at least once with the family- Ensuring that kids sit for at least one meal together with all the members of the family is a good initiative. This will allow kids to make healthier choices when eating. This activity also helps in teaching kids to make healthier options while eating. 
  • Getting kids involved- Parents must encourage their kids to go outside and play. Getting their involvement and interest in sports can also help maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also allows them to develop important social skills and coordination that they cannot learn without being active. Playing in a playground with kids can help them recognize what sport they like. They can also start fun exercises and enjoy what they love to do.
  • Limiting technology exposure- Children tend to spend more time with phones, computer screens, and other gadgets. Technology has become a part of their life but they can use the medium for doing something productive while staying indoors. There are several fun activities for kids available on Online Free Hobby Classes for Kids at Yellow Class. But parents must ensure that they do not spend excess time on their phones. Their exposure time must be limited and supervision is a must.
  • Be supportive- Parents must imbibe positive thoughts and reinforce the same behaviour in their children. Talking positive, rewarding them, and encouraging them to maintain a healthy lifestyle is essential. Children must be supported to learn a new skill, take up a hobby class, eat healthily, and stay active for developing a good personality. All these activities help them build self-confidence and become a strong leader. 
  • Let them participate- Parents must encourage their kids to participate in healthy activities and stay active. Involving them in activities like sending notes and cards to family and friends, and making decisions can help them make better choices in life. Parents must also create a positive and happy environment at home so that kids can explore their creativity.
  • Focusing on other activities- Extracurricular activities allow children to explore new hobbies, talents, skills, make new friends, and boost their self-confidence. These activities help build a nurturing environment that is filled with positive attitudes and creativity. They learn to build relationships, teamwork, and multi-task. 
  • Teach them to be responsible- It is a core skill that every individual requires to have a successful and happy future. Taking responsibility for the tasks and completing them will give children immense happiness and satisfaction.