Good morning, readers. In this article we will share information about a woman who had been attacked 16 times in Philadelphia. Dear Readers, Have you ever heard of Ashely Lockhart. The woman is no longer with us. She was in her 30s when she was discovered dead in a minivan.

Her Obituary is not available publicly except for the Ashley Lockhart Obituary which will be kept in the United States. Reports state that she was severely injured, and that it was an awful accident.

Short about the Woman –

According to online sources Ashely was 32 years old and attacked with a knife in Philadelphia on Aug 6. Sources indicate that the 34-year old man who took her life is her boyfriend from West Philadelphia. A family member started a GoFundMe group to help the family of her deceased. It has raised $4,000 so far.

Ashley Lockhart Obituary –

The body of the woman died on Saturday. A post-mortem was conducted and the funeral service will be held in the next few days. Her close relatives and family will attend to pray for the peace of the deceased. For personal reasons, however, the date for her Obituary cannot be released to the public.

Ashely Family and Children

According to media reports the woman is the mother of six children, all of which are girls.

They are all below 10. Two daughters aged between five and three months are involved. The fund was created so that Ashley Lockhart Obituary her daughters could live a good and happy life.

Ashely’s boyfriend is believed to be the father. He is accused of killing a young 32-year-old woman who was willing to do any thing to support her children. CCTV footage from the attack shows that the man attempted to assault Ashley before he took her life. He then attacked her with a knife and she succumbed to his injuries. The knife was found in his head and there is no other evidence.

Let us pay respect to the decedents on Ashley Lockhart Obituary


Q.1 How did Ashely’s boyfriend assault her with a knife in the kitchen?

A.1 According the media reports he was accused in an assault and wanted control of his wife.

Q.2 What will you do to raise Ashley’s little girls?

A.2 With the aid of the fund, the paternal relatives of the victims will raise the children.

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Ashley Lockhart, 32 years old, was found in a minivan and later died. A funeral will be held for her soon.

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