The love for THC-O has been on a constant rise, for quite a while. And if you are someone who shares the same love and are wondering about the legality of THC-O products in the United States, then this article is for you. Yes, THC O products are legal in quite a few states across the US for which we have included a comprehensive list in the following sections. We are going to answer all your questions such as the legality of THC-O products, legal age, etc.

1] Are THC-O products legal in the United States?

Yes, THC-O products are legal at the federal level. The legality of THC-O products was a big question mark because it was not well defined. So, to start with, it was legalized in 2018 after the United States Farm Bill was passed that made Industrial Hemp Plants legal for commercial and manufacturing use. 

This decision made all Hemp derived products that have below 0.3% of DELTA-9 in dry concentration, legal at the federal level. Now all the Hemp derived THC-O products like gummies are legal and circulating in the market.

But also, many experts claim that THC-O products are illegal because they are not naturally made from Hemp plant, and are synthetically made in labs with the use of chemicals. So, to clarify your doubt, the legal text defines Hemp as “Cannabis sativa L. and any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers…with no more than a 0.3 percent concentration of THC”. Technically, Hemp isomers like THC-O are considered as “derivatives” and “isomers” and contain less than 0.3% of DELTA-9-THC.

Thus, it is pretty clear as a clause in section 12619b of the 2018 United States Farm Bill specifically states that “tetrahydrocannabinol in hemp” is legal. So, THC-O products are legal at the federal level and you can use them.

2] THC-O products’ legality according to the state you reside-

At the federal level, THC-O products are legal, but as you are a resident of a specific state, you would need to keep in mind state laws regarding THC-O, before you buy any THC-O products. States have not clearly defined the rules related to THC-O products, so there is confusion among people. But here is a list given below that would help you understand THC-O products’ legality in your state.

  1. Alabama – LEGAL
  2. Alaska – ILLEGAL
  3. Arizona – ILLEGAL
  4. Arkansas – ILLEGAL
  5. California – LEGAL
  6. Colorado – ILLEGAL
  7. Connecticut – LEGAL
  8. Delaware – ILLEGAL
  9. Florida – LEGAL
  10. Georgia – LEGAL
  11. Hawaii – LEGAL
  12. Idaho – ILLEGAL
  13. Illinois – LEGAL
  14. Indiana – LEGAL
  15. Iowa – ILLEGAL
  16. Kansas – LEGAL
  17. Kentucky – LEGAL
  18. Louisiana – LEGAL
  19. Maine – LEGAL
  20. Maryland – LEGAL
  21. Massachusetts – LEGAL
  22. Michigan – LEGAL
  23. Minnesota – LEGAL
  24. Mississippi – ILLEGAL
  25. Missouri – LEGAL
  26. Montana – ILLEGAL
  27. Nebraska – LEGAL
  28. Nevada – LEGAL
  29. New Hampshire – LEGAL
  30. New Jersey – LEGAL
  31. New Mexico – LEGAL
  32. New York – ILLEGAL
  33. North Carolina – LEGAL
  34. North Dakota – LEGAL
  35. Ohio – LEGAL
  36. Oklahoma – LEGAL
  37. Oregon – LEGAL
  38. Pennsylvania – LEGAL
  39. Rhode Island – ILLEGAL
  40. South Carolina – LEGAL
  41. South Dakota – LEGAL
  42. Tennessee – LEGAL
  43. Texas – LEGAL
  44. Utah – ILLEGAL
  45. Vermont – ILLEGAL
  46. Virginia – LEGAL
  47. Washington – LEGAL
  48. West Virginia – LEGAL
  49. Wisconsin – LEGAL
  50. Wyoming – LEGAL

In this list, we have stated the legality of THC-O products in all the states. But remember that laws are subject to change and you should stay updated with the latest laws, to stay out of trouble.

3] Are THC-O products derived from natural hemp or synthetically made?


You must be wondering, why you should be worried about the source of the products. The reason behind that is if the THC-O products are not derived from natural hemp and are synthetic, this would make them illegal, as only Hemp derived THC-O products are considered legal.

THC-O products are made from Hemp. It is a process similar to that used in making DELTA-8, known as isomerization. THC-O is made from DELTA-8 by rearranging the DELTA-8 isomers in a different order, resulting in THC-O. As THC-O is made from DELTA-8 which is made from CBD extracted from Hemp plants, it is considered a Hemp isomer and has legal status. This is done because a very low concentration of THC-O is found in Hemp plants.

4] Where can you buy THC-O products?

If you are searching for the best THC-O products out there, here are some places you can find them. This list was created in tune with the comprehensive list of the top reviewed THC-O products by Hempercamp, one of the leading cannabis experts in the US.


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