Are you ready for the Apex Anniversary event? Are you interested in the challenges and rewards of the Apex anniversary event?

Many gamers from the United States and Canada are searching for the Apex 2022.

We have the Apex Anniversary 2020 Eventdetails.

When would Apex Event start?

According to rumours, the third anniversary of Apex Legends’ collection Event will begin on February 15, 2022. Apex Content shows that there will be a lot more Epic and Legendary cosmetics available to buy within the week after the start of Season 12.

The most interesting update is Bloodhound’s new Prestige Skin. It was first shown in the Apex Legends Season 12 video. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get it. Continue reading to learn more about this event in the following sections.

How do you get the rewards for the Apex Anniversary 2022 Event ?

Each 24th Anniversary Collection item comes with a prize: a beautiful new skin for Bloodhound. As in previous Collection Events, you can purchase each event item separately using Crafting Materials and Apex Coins.

You can also purchase event packs which could give you unique items from the occasion pools.

How do I unlock the tiers of the Apex event?

Another Apex Content video clip demonstrates that the Prestige Skin of Bloodhound seems to have upgradeable Tiers, which is not true for an heirloom.

By winning the skin during the Anniversary Collection Event, you can easily obtain the first tier of Apex Anniversary.

You will then need to complete tasks in order to unlock additional tiers. After achieving the third tier, you might be able to unlock more Bloodhound executions.

In the same way, you must do 100 000 to 30 000 damages in order to unlock the second and third tiers.

How long will it take to complete the challenges for the final Tier?

Most gamers will find it difficult to complete the challenges. You will be able to complete the prerequisites in an unlimited amount of time once you unlock the skin.

You don’t have to rush to reach the final tier of Apex Anniversary 2022 Event.

How do I get the Bloodhound Prestige Skin

The only way to obtain the Bloodhound Prestige Skin at this time is to take part in the Anniversary Collection Event.

Prestige skins of the future and current generation may be purchased with a payment similar to heirloom shards. However, Respawn has not confirmed this.


Apex Legends is ready for its third anniversary, as they always are. It’s the third anniversary of Apex Legends, and Respawn celebrates with 3 weeks worth of rewards and freebies.

Apex was launched in 2019 and offers 4 major seasonal updates to players around the world, as well as various Town Takeovers, Collection Events, and Apex anniversary 2022 Event.