E Dhara refers to a land record maintenance in digital format of Gujarat that allows you to search land records in the state through an online route using AnyROR. You can use AnyROR at any time from anywhere and update it as per your requirement, may it be for availing crop loans or subsidies or electrical connection. Gujarat government’s land record system, i.e., E Dhara, is a winning honour from the Indian Government. It has won an award for the best e-governance project. 

In fact, all Gujarat’s land record documents of 1.5 crores are digitized, i.e., they can be simply searched on AnyROR podium anywhere through the E Dhara portal. Here in this article, the focus is on AnyROR Gujarat Land Record and E Dhara. Note that like AnyROR Gujarat Land Record, West Bengal to has its land record by the name of – Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Record.

E- Dhara: Aim & Objectives

The primary goal of E Dhara is to obtain computerized details of Gujarat land records throughout the state. Besides this, manual record elimination, computer-controlled mutation procedure, and self-sustainability are primary goals of the E Dhara system.  

Note that all info provided on the E Dhara portal is up to date, and there are zero requirements for any physical visit to access the info. E Dhara site can be viewed in both English and Gujarati language. However, for the additional info, you might visit the concerned office and bureau. Note that the Gujarat Revenue department just has the https://anyror.gujarat.gov.in site where you can get the info online. You can get the info through mobile apps or websites.

Other system objectives include:

∙       Amelioration in service quality provided to the citizens.

∙       Permission to citizens to simply access records.

∙       To suffuse transparency in providing crucial services to the citizens.

∙       Prompt the updation of Gujarat land records.

∙       Make land records thoroughly tamper-proof.

∙       Reduce service delivery time. This means speeding up ROR delivery with zero delays.

∙       Platform to provide better citizen services.

E Dhara: What are the offered services?

On the AnyROR, you can view rural land records and urban land records, conduct a property inspection and fill up online applications to obtain numerous permissions.

∙       Old, scanned VF details

∙       7/12 Utara Gujarat

∙       VF – 8 A khata details

∙       Land record Gujarat

∙       8a extract

∙       135 D mutation notice

∙       Online mutation

∙       RoR anywhere

∙       135 D notice for the mutation

∙       Integrated survey details

∙       Entry list by the month year

∙       Know the khata details by the owner’s name

∙       Know the survey number by the owner’s name

∙       New survey details from old for the promulgated village

∙       Nondh number info

∙       Entry details of VF 6

∙       Old, scanned VF 6 details

∙       Revenue case info

E Dhara: What is meant by AnyROR?

RoR or record of rights refers to a record that informs you about good deals linked with land parcels. Applicants simply can check the AnyROR anytime from anywhere. Major info in RoR involves:

∙       Who is the landowner?

∙       How many landowners are there?

∙       What is the kind of land?

∙       What share does every landowner have?

∙       What type of crop grows on such land?

∙       What is the precise land location?

∙       How many times has the land changed hands?

∙       Is there any debt on the piece of land?

∙       Is there any kind of land dispute?

E Dhara: What is the 7/12 Utara Gujarat?

AnyROR Gujarat 7/12 or 7/12 Utara Gujarat online is a document that contains legal details of the land. Such AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 details contain the area, survey number, ownership pattern, owner etc. 7/12 farmer certificate Gujarat is the combination of 2 forms, namely form 7, which offers details about landowner and their rights and form 12 offers details regarding the land, involving its type, size, usage etc. On the E Dhara portal, you simply can access the AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12 document.

Utara Gujarat 7/12: How can you find documents on the AnyROR?

To review the AnyROR Gujarat 7 12 documents, ensure to follow the procedure mentioned below:

∙       Visit AnyROR anywhere from the official site.

∙       On the AnyROR site, you will view 3 options – urban land records, rural land records, and property search.

For all 3 options on AnyRoR, you must know the listed details that you must look at on the 7/12 Utara Gujarat land document –

∙       Note number or survey number or owner number or the entry list by the month year.

∙       City survey office

∙       District

∙       Ward

∙       Sheet number

∙       Survey number

AnyROR: How can you review the 7 12 Utara document?

How can you check names in 7 12 Utara online on the AnyRoR Gujarat site? You can simply check the name in 7 12 Utara online and various other info on the 7 12 Utara document:

∙       Gaav refers to the name of the village where the specific land is situated.

∙       Tehsil refers to the district subdivision.

∙       Bhumapan Kramank refers to the survey number. This is provided by the state’s revenue authorities.

∙       Bhumapan Kramank Upbhivaag refers to the survey number subdivision.

∙       Bhudharana Paddhiti is the occupancy type.

∙       Bhogvatacharache Naav is the occupant’s name.

∙       Kudanche Naav refers to the tenant’s name and the class contractual tenant/deemed tenant

∙       Khate Kramank is the account number offered to the landlord.

∙       Lagvadi Yohaya Shetra is the overall area best for cultivation.

AnyROR: How can you find the 8/12, 8 A document?

The 8/12 document can be viewed for authenticating the land ownership on the AnyROR anywhere. Ensure to follow the procedure below to see your 8/12 document on the edhara podium:

∙       Approach the AnyRoR official site.

∙       On the AnyRoR site, you will view 3 options – urban land records, rural land records, and property search.

∙       Next, on the AnyRoR site, click on the ‘view land record – rural’ & choose VF 8 A from the drop-down menu.

∙       On AnyRoR Gujarat government site, choose the district, village, taluka and khata number & obtain the info required.

Additionally, to AnyRoR Gujarat 7/12, ensure to find other important documents like VF 6, khata details, and 135 D by the owner’s name on the AnyRoR Gujarat platform.