Are you an Anime Fighting Simulation fan? Are you aware of the new boss? Do you want to learn more about Rimuru boss You should read the article if you are.

There are new bosses for Christmas in Anime Fighting Simulator. Rimuru is one of them. Fans in the United States would like to know more about Rimuru’s boss drops and his abilities. In this post, we’ll be discussing Anime Fighting Simulation Rimuru.

Who’s Rimuru?

Rimuru, a new boss, recently got promoted to an anime-inspired action & adventure game Anime Fighting Simulator. During the Christmas update, Rimuru was one of the other bosses that were demoted.

Also, the Christmas update has 10x exp points, 4 new powers, and many new rewards. Rimuru is a unique character with many abilities and powers.

Rimuru’s boss was inspired by Rimuru Tempest, a light novel character. Before we get to know more about Rimuru Tempest, the anime light novel character from the anime.

Who’s Rimuru Tempest,

Rimuru Tempest, the main character of the anime light novel series That Time When I Got Reincarnated As a Slime, is Rimuru. Rimuru is a demon slime and has the protection or blessing of the Strong Crest.

Rimuru Tempest is currently called Ruler of Monsters Awakened Demon Lord. His nicknames include Slime-san and Sensei, as well as Milord. He is the founder and King of Jura Forest’s Jura Tempest Federation.

Vendora Tempest False Dragon’s best friend, Rimuru, is his partner. He currently resides in Rimuru, the capital of Jura Tempest Federation.

What Abilities Anime Fighting Simulator Rimuru Possess

Rimuru is a new boss of the Roblox game Anime Fighting Simulator. This character was only introduced in the game a few days ago, so little information is available about his abilities. He is a strong boss with unique abilities.

List Of Powers & Abilities at Rimuru:

In terms Of Durability:

  • Black Hole – Rimuru, the new AFS boss can summon multiple black hole to pull everyone towards them and cause high damage.
  • Gluttony – Rimuru can also release an ever-consuming darkness that will consume anyone it touches.

In terms Chakra:

  • Hall Flame – The Anime Fighting Simulation Simulator Rimuru boss is able to shoot a concentrated ball if flames that incinerates the target.
  • Dark Lightning- Rimuru is able to summon dark lightning on the nearest target.

Sword Skills:

  • God’s Wrath- The Rimuru boss has a unique ability that can collect water particles from the surrounding environment and release them in a deadly fury.
  • Hell Flare – Rimuru boss can also release condensed balls of flame that explode when they reach their target.


Rimuru, the new boss of AFS Roblox is very interesting because it has unique abilities that can do huge damage to targets.