Are you a fan of animals? Do you wish to help save lives of animals? You love animals and, when you observe them as helpless do you feel guilty and broken? This article can help you make money in the right method to save and restore those lives of your beloved animal.

If you are somewhere in United Statesand Canada you can make it simple to get. Let’s start by introducing the debut of the Angry Pitbull NFTand stream with additional information about it.

The purpose and background of the group

The club contains 10,000 unique digital Pitbulls and shows itself as a community by ownership. All Pitbulls are saved in the ERC-721 token blockchain of Ethereum. If you have an angry pitbull, you must be considered an individual member of the group.

The organization aims to safeguard the lives of animals and cats around the world, and this goal was first conceived in America. They strive to provide the chance to give a second life and sanctuary for animals that are free from all animal cruelty. Therefore, the Angry Pitbull NFT will be released on the 23rd December 2021, with the intention of donating 10 percent of the proceeds the mint sales to supporters of the animal society.

Let’s move on to this article for more details on it.


  • Name: Angry Pitbull Club.
  • The date of launch is 23rd December 2021.
  • Token: ERC-721.
  • Social Media Social Media Instagram account is referred to as angry pitbull club nft , with the number of followers 70.8k and Twitter is AngryPitbullCLB which has followers 4,001.
  • Category: Art
  • Creator: Lemon crypto
  • Co-founders: Hoodville and Funnyhoodvidz
  • Artist: Damian

The goal of the angry Pitbull the NFT club

  • The first goal of the company is to utilize the first 10 percent from the sale of mints to give to Best Friend Animal Society to help protect animals from abuse.
  • The third objective is to deposit the profits in a specific community bank account and utilize it to future expansion of the mission.
  • The exclusive members of the club will receive all of the featured items including hoodies and tees.
  • The club will be launching games in which participants will be competing for prizes that are unique and different.
  • The Angry Pitbull NFTclub’s main aim is that after having spent $ 100,000 on advertising as well as sales group will continue to invest money in order to make the project the highest amount and boost NFT’s value. NFT.
  • The club will work to expand the club following the launch.


In conclusion, information provided above is thoroughly researched and reliable. The reason we are the discussion is because it’s fairly new and isn’t known to the people in general. Therefore, let us link your bank account with the Angry Pitbull NFTclub to support animals, receive nice surprises and earn high-quality technical.