Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels

Instagram launched its short-video sharing platform called Instagram reels in 2020. Since its launch, Instagram had a massive reach among the audience. In a short time, this latest feature of Instagram has gained popularity among millions of users. It is racking up to 1.22 billion reels creators to date. If you want to get quick popularity on Instagram, you can buy instagram reels views and entice more people to watch your videos. Stay ahead of the competition by creating engaging reel videos!

This article briefly overviews the steps to create fascinating Instagram reels for Android and iPhone. Let’s get started!

What Is An Instagram Reel?

The Instagram reel is a built-in feature in the Instagram app that allows users to create funny and entertaining videos. The creators shall record their videos from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. With eye-catching filters, you can grab the attention of more viewers on Instagram. The more people watch your videos, the more is the engagement, and the more you gain followers to your Instagram account. 

It is known that the Instagram reels algorithm will keep track of your history. The algorithm checks the past engaging content and conversations the content creator had with the audience and then decided to place it in the people’s feed. Similarly, the comments, DM’s, and tags in your content will also allow you often to put your videos in the people’s feed. 

How To Create Instagram Reels On Android And iPhone?

Creating a new reel on Instagram doesn’t need any technical skill or talent. It is a user-friendly option that even a school student can create an Instagram reel. Business people shall efficiently create Instagram reels for their brand promotion. You can best buy free instagram reels views trial to enhance your knowledge about reels and build more views to it. Let we move on to the steps to make Instagram reels,

  • Open the latest version of Instagram on Android or iPhone. If you already have an Instagram account, you can directly enter it into your homepage. Otherwise, sign up using your email or Facebook. 
  • Now swipe right to access the Instagram camera or tap on the left corner for the camera icon.  
  • You may have options like live streaming, reels, and stories. Choose reels to get it started. Now tap the record button and create your Instagram reel. Once you are done, stop the record button. 

How To Add Additional Elements To Your Recorded Instagram Videos?

Add Elegant Music

After you create a reel, you can add elegant music by dropping down the option on the left side of the screen. You can simply add music from your phone audio or choose from the ‘for you’ page. The ‘for you’ page will provide the songs according to your taste. Some people will give their original voices to their videos.

Adjust The Recording Speed

Reels allow you to record videos in slow motion like 3x and 5x. You can also speed up the video by choosing 2x and 1x options. Slow-motion videos are gaining more popularity in today’s world. For example, when you capture nature or monument-related videos, you can try using slow-motion, which gets you better reach results. 

Add Filters In Instagram Reels

Before you record your videos, you can click on the smiley button to get more creative filters for your videos. Now, Swipe right along the big circles to explore different filters. Choose the one with a good background theme that suits your video. Now filters like green screen filters and bling filters are used by so many Instagram users. 

Set Timer For Instagram Reels

Instagram allows you to set timers for your videos that prepare you for the video recording perfectly. Tap on the timer icon and set the required duration of your videos. When you start recording, tap the timer, and it will end automatically. The timer will help you have a consciousness to deliver the content within a particular time. So it is a more efficient way to strategize your Instagram video content.

Align, Replay, And Save Instagram Reels

If you think your Instagram reels are messy, you can align your video perfectly. After including all these elements:

  1. Replay your Instagram reels and check for errors.
  2. Select the forward button and save your reels.
  3. Before saving, add emojis, time, and day tags if you want to deliver more engaging reels. 

Share And Upload The Instagram Reel

After you create the Instagram reel, you will enter a share page. On the share page, you can upload your video for public view, or else you can send it to your contacts. Add catchy captions to your videos with CTA’s. You can also tag other people, and also you can toggle to share it to your feed. Now upload your video to build a strong presence on the platform! 


Create your Instagram reels by understanding the above points and make the best use of Instagram to grow your audience base. Check on the trending Instagram reels and do your following reels accordingly. A trending reel will always stay on top of Instagram. So go with the trend and go viral on Instagram.