Onboarding Checklist
An Onboarding Checklist to set Your Team up for Success

Onboarding can be stressful if you’re new to it.  There’s a lot of pressure to do and say the right thing so that the new employee will be excited to work for your company, but you should set reasonable expectations for both parties involved. This is an onboarding checklist that ensures you’ll be ready to help this new employee start their career with your company.

Make It Legal With HR

Human resources need to be prepared to take in all of the information that comes with a new employee.  Inform them of the list of new hires, give them their applications, their resumes, and everything else you have on them so far.  Ask what they’ll need of the new employees, and make a note of this so that you can ask for it.

Get First-Day Paperwork

First-day paperwork will be a range of everything that HR asked for, as well as any legal notices or agreements that the company personally needs to be signed.  This will also be their training manual if your office has one, that will help them keep up to date on what to wear, what they can do on work computers, and what information you’ll need from them.

Gather Training Devices, Programs, and Equipment

Before the employees start their first training day, you must be as prepared as possible.  Some companies have mini training rooms that are specifically set aside for new employees to give them a chance at learning as much about the company as they can in a maintained and safe environment.  It’s a good idea that all devices, programs, and equipment they have access to aren’t connected to the rest of the company yet, in case they make a mistake.  

Create Logins, or Have Training Materials So They Can Create Their Own

Making logins is important for getting them set up in the system.  Although you can easily take the time to create everyone’s logins one by one or automate them. You can also walk new employees through the steps of creating their own on their first day.  This is a powerful way to show you trust their abilities and are willing to train; them on anything they need to know.

Create A Safe Training Space

Create a space where they’ll be excited to learn!  This is beyond the physical space and should be stretched out into how they talk to customers, coworkers, and supervisors.  This will allow them to reach out if they have questions and will immediately allow them; to feel like they’re part of the company.  

Send a Welcome Preboarding Email

Preboarding is an awesome way to ensure that people feel welcome to the company before they start their first day.  Send an email that welcomes them and tells them what to bring on day one.  

Every New Employee Deserves Great Training

Whether they’ve done similar jobs like this one a billion times before; or this is their first job ever, it’s important to train them fully.  Follow the above checklist, and you’ll make them feel at home in no time.