Go through for Amsalsi Review for more information about a website that sells clothes and accessories, utility services, and other tools at a huge discount.

Today, a lot of commercial websites are appearing all over the world Worldwidewithout adequate customer-centricity. These websites are not specialized in supplying specific products. Furthermore, only a single variation that is available. Thus, the product is not classed.

Have you seen Amsalsi.com that has similar features? Amsalsi.com is a brand new company and might require some time to build its ratings of trust. We will look into Amsalsi Review HTML1to verify its legitimacy.


Initial Amsalsi.com reviews indicate that the website is not rated well in Alexa, business also trust, ratings. The website has fewer reviews than can be found via the web, and user reviews are not available at all.

The buyer doesn’t have the choice of comparing and purchase from a range of products as only 14 items are available for sale. Amsalsi.com is not customer-centric since it has not defined their mission statements. Additionally, the most important policies that affect the customer’s interest aren’t stated.

There is a limited amount of content on the site. The email address isn’t connected to the account for business It is possible that it was part of the beginning stages of startup; Which question is it legitimate to use Amsalsi? Amsalsi.com is accessible in French language , and contains:

  1. Spring Basketball
  2. Platform Heel Sneakers
  3. Home Swing Chair
  4. Spring Shoes
  5. Cute Colossus
  6. Perfect Down Jacket
  7. Rotating Shelf
  8. Kidicars
  9. Comfortable Dog Bed
  10. Fold-Out Furniture For Indoors Or Outdoors
  11. Parasol Qual+
  12. Sandales Lana
  13. Supercoaster
  14. Turboplanter


  • Purchase tools, utility equipment, clothing and other accessories at:https://amsalsi.com
  • Social Media Linksnot listed on Amsalsi.
  • Price:between EUR19.90 to EUR34.90.
  • Physical Addressnot listed on Amsalsi.
  • phone (or) WhatsApp #:unspecified from Amsalsi.
  • customer reviews and Blogs:not supported by Amsalsi.
  • privacy policyplagiarized via Amsalsi.
  • Terms and Conditions:plagiarized on Amsalsi.
  • Amsalsi Review Locator for Stores:not featured on Amsalsi.
  • Assistance and FAQ not specified on Amsalsi.
  • Delivery Policy:unspecified on Amsalsi.
  • Shipping Policy:unspecified on Amsalsi. The order page stated an EUR2.90 cost for expedited shipping and no cost for regular shipping.
  • Cancellation Policy:unspecified on Amsalsi.
  • tracker:not possible on Amsalsi.
  • Return policy:Amsalsi adheres to a return time of 15 days.
  • Policies on Refunds: The model and timing of refunds is not stated at Amsalsi.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Mode of Payment:in EUR via Visa, MasterCard, and Amex.
  • newsletters are not supported or provided by Amsalsi.

Pros and cons determined to be in Amsalsi Review :

  • Amsalsi sells all its products at a significant discount
  • Amsalsi is a straightforward and user-friendly interface that offers the ability to sort options
  • The complete description of the product as well as an picture illustration are on Amsalsi
  • Amsalsi offers Buy more and receive more discounts


  • Only three credit cards are accepted as transactions
  • Insufficient inventory control and poor logic of Amsalsi, allowing the customer to order unlimited quantities of the identical item
  • It is difficult to reach customer service without an address or contact number.
  • Amsalsi’s email address is not associated with an account in a business
  • A small selection of items that are offered for sale
  • Important policies pertaining to the processing of orders, cancellations and shipping are not specified.

Is Amsalsi Legit?

  • Amsalsi Creation: 22nd March 2022 at 06:51:27.
  • Amsalsi Age: two months old.
  • Amsalsi Updated at: 22nd March 2022 at 07:01:32.
  • Amsalsi Expiry: 22nd March 2023 at 06:51:27.
  • Amsalsi life duration:expires within ten months
  • Trust Index: Amsalsi was able to achieve a horrible trust index of 1.
  • business ranking:Amsalsi has a 47.4 percent business rank.
  • Origin:Amsalsi originated and registered in the USA.
  • The status of blacklisting Amsalsi is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status:its IP has an active SSL certificate valid for 29 consecutive days.
  • Threat Profile:34%.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 4%.
  • Phishing Score:8%.
  • Amsalsi Reviews on Malware Score:34%.
  • Spam Score:0%.
  • Contact Person:unspecified at Amsalsi.
  • Connection Security: Amsalsi transmits data over a valid HTTPS protocol.
  • Social Relations: Amsalsi pages are not in any of the social media platform.
  • Contact and identity of the owner:Amsalsi censored the owner’s identity and contact details using the services of privatewhois.is.

Customers Reviews:

One YouTube review and three web reviews on Amsalsi.com suggests that it’s possible to be a scam. Amsalsi has an Zero Alexa ranking.

There were no customer reviews or ratings were available elsewhere on the web and in social media. Amsalsi is not a company that supports reviews on products. So, learn about Credit Rackets for Credit Cards to prevent Credit Card Fraud.


Amsalsi reviews Amsalsi Reviewsconclude it is clear that Amsalsi.com is a rip-off. Amsalsi has a low trust score, Alexa Ranking as well as a below-average business rankings. Amsalsi was rated high on the Malware as well as threat profiles. Amsalsi.com does not provide information about shipping and delivery policies. We do not recommend Amsalsi in the absence customer reviews, delivery confirmation as well as due to the their short lifespan. Beware of online fraud by learning about PayPal Scams.