Do you like the Among Us game? Fortnite and Among Us have teamed up to entertain their players. The following article will provide all the details about the purchase of this pack.

The game is highly regarded and enjoyed by all who play it. It is a game that politicians from the United States have mentioned in their blogs. The sale is very popular with players.

Let’s learn more about the collaboration, including how to buy Among Us Stars pack and when it is available on Fortnite.

Description of Among Us Game

The Epic Game store can sell the game. To attract players, the game was released with an impressive imposter. There has been rumours of Fortnite and Among Us forming an alliance. You can also find details about the new back bling, emote and other features here.

  • Crewmate Back bling: Players can choose from ten colors for free.
  • Distraction Emote – Players are entertained by a dance collection from Henry Stickman.

You can now get your Among us Star Pack at a very affordable price. First, you must have an Among Us game purchased from the Epic Game Store. You will not be able to emote and get bling back unless you purchase a starpack.

Epic Game Store cosmetics are required for Fortnite players. For a year, the sale is open to all players. The sale is available for one year and players do not have to rush. Fortnite’s store can make some extra money this year, but only until June 9,2023,11 ET. The price list has been provided for you to purchase the pack.

Among Us Stars Pack

Epic announced the official partner for both games. Fortnite players can now enjoy Among Us posters while they play. You must know the details of your Fortnite account in order to purchase posters from Among Us.

Below is a detailed price chart for Among Us. The store allows players to purchase in dollars, but they also allow you to buy with $1.

  • A pack of 20 stars can be purchased for $1.99 by players.
  • A pack of 30 stars can be purchased for $2.99 by players.
  • A 50-star pack can be purchased for $4.99.

Players who want to purchase Among Us Stars pack to get more stars will have to pay more.

  • A pack of 110 stars can be purchased for $9.99 by players.
  • A pack of 300 stars can be purchased for $24.99.

If players don’t want to purchase Among Us, they may opt for the minimum pack that costs a dollar and get free cosmetics for their crewmates in Fortnite.

Players will be able to see that Crewmate’s back bling comes in a variety of colours, including pink, red and black.


In the Among Us Stars Pack articlewe share the details about pack values and how to earn stars in Fortnite. This new collaboration presents a new show to the players.