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Are you aware about Amber Heard’s and Johnny Depp’s situation? The ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp & Amber Heard centers on an editorial Heard wrote in 2018 for The Washington Times. It was headlined “I spoke up against physical mistreatment –and confronted our culture’s anger.”

Depp filed a suit against Heard alleging harassment. The piece was cited as harassment by Depp.

About The News

Let’s start with the overview, before we dive into the details. The couple was observed at Fairfax County Courthouse and Fairfax. A few of these connections revealed that Johnny Depp is now suing his wife for an oped published in The Washington Times in 2018.

The Rum Diary, where they first met in 2009, was the place where they made their first ever encounter. Johnny Depp divorced his wife of ten years, with whom they had two children in 2012. Heard and Depp were engaged in 2014 and they got married in a small ceremony in 2015.

What’s an Op Ed

Op-ed is a commentary written without being involved in the topic. Op-eds appear in newspapers and magazines, but sometimes online. The word op-ed is short for “opposite-the-editorial-page.” The editorial page is the section of a daily news-paper that deals with opinions on current events and issues. An op-ed, or opinion post, is one that’s placed beside the editorial page to allow readers to see the issue immediately.

Op-eds may be about politics, sports, or food. It is a way for people to freely express their opinions on various subjects and issues, without being compensated.

Amber Heard Op Ed Original

Rumours circulated that Depp and Amber were divorcing soon after their 2016 wedding. Amber filed a lawsuit against Depp, alleging that Depp abuse her through alcohol and narcotics.

Both of them then said that this was just a stage, and that they were not going to end their relationship. Heard, who wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post decrying spousal violence against females in 2018, was challenged by Depp on the same topic in 2020.

Fan’s Reaction

Johnny Depp fans and Amber Heard followers can’t help but keep fighting and supporting each others on social media sites. Amber Heard Op Ed Article is getting a lot attention, and it’s being live-streamed with journalists comparing comments page.

Users have left comments and retweets containing the names of the performers as well as their opinions on the topic. Recent research and studies show that Twitter users support Johnny Depp.


Johnny Depp & Amber Heardsplit-up in 2020, after Depp launched a lawsuit against her over an op/ed discussion at White House. The suit was against domestic violence towards women. Amber said that they had no previous connection. Do you have more information about Amber Heard Op Ed Initial? Leave a comment.