Amber Cerulean Medallion has released details on the most recent talisman to be found in the game, and also the topic of Hackers attack on gamers PC.

Elden Ring is an online role-playing game that’s been well-received due to its open-ended gameplay. The game has been a success in the three weeks since its launch with players hailing from both Canada and the United States and Canada have demonstrated a great enthusiasm.

A few gamers have been on Reddit as well as Twitter are discussing the invasion of hackers who have corrupted saved files. In this post, we’ll look into the latest incident and talk about Talisman that will assist players boost their FPS.

Thus, take the time to read Amber Cerulean Medallion until the end to learn the details about the game.

What is the new Talisman in the Elden Ring?

In these kinds of contests, rings were utilized to boost the power of players to improve their abilities or spells of magic. Elden Ring has introduced Talisman to replace it that is available in various types and serves different reasons within the sport.

The popularity of the game in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom and Australiahas enabled it to sell over 12 million copies as of now. Fans are drawn to the game because of its simple gameplay and innovative features.

Cerulean Medallions are by far the most sought-after talisman because they enable players to increase the power of magic spells.

Amber Cerulean Medallion and the ways to get it:

The majority of the talismans found in the game serves their purpose and improves players’ capabilities. The most sought-after talisman is the Amber Medallion, and they come in three varieties.

  • The Regular Medallion the weakest, and can be located in Liurnia and players must head toward the coast to the northwestern region and then defeat Bloodhound Knight in order to obtain the medallion.
  • Cerulean Medallion +1 : The Cerulean Medallion +1 is available to players by visiting the northeastern part of the Eden Ring, within castle Sol. You must climb up the ladder, and then take out the Knight to earn an +2 medallion.
  • Amber Cerulean Award +2 It is the most powerful of the medallions and players can utilize it to increase their concentration points. It is necessary to travel to Lunar Estate Ruins to find the secret staircase. Find the key and test it on the statue nearby The chest will then open at the bottom, and players can earn their +2 medallion.

Hackers Invading Elden Ring Players PC:

According to news reports on social media hackers are causing trouble to Elden Ring PC players. They are invading PCs that play games and destroying their saved files that cause an error, and after reboot, they fall into a trap of death.

Amber Cerulean Medallion post revealed the following: From Software has not commented on this event. A few players have attempted to resolve the issue and have managed to solve the issue at present.

What can players do to fix the issue currently?

  • Game players can play offline on their PC for a short period of duration of time.
  • Restore the files you have saved by utilizing your Map keys.
  • It is recommended that players backup their data until the issue is fixed.

The final verdict

Players must take all security measures necessary until the developers announce the next patch. You can attempt to collect every kind of Amber Cerulean Medallion to help them focus more during the game.

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