Learn how an Amazon marketing consultant can help boost your online sales with simple marketing strategies.    

There is a revolution in the way people shop taking place right now. As the retail habits of people move online, retailers need to be up to speed with the changing ways they must adopt in order to keep their existing customers engaged, and attract new customers. 

According to German-based marketing analysts Statista, more than two billion people visit the Amazon shopping website each month. And with around half a billion items available on the Amazon.com website, it might seem hard to figure out how to make your product stand out from the crowd.

That’s why engaging the services of an Amazon marketing agency can help ensure that your product comes up at the top of the Amazon search engines. So let’s take a quick look at six strategies that an Amazon marketing consultant can employ in order to expand your sales in this increasingly crowded marketplace.  

Don’t Forget the Basics

This may sound…well, basic but making sure that you do the simple things right is a sure-fire way to attract more sales on the Amazon platform. The marketing fundamentals that used to apply to the old “bricks and mortar” shops still apply online.

Your Amazon marketing consultant will make sure that you are sticking to these simple principles:

  • Strong product descriptions. Tell your prospective customers exactly what your product/service does. Don’t make claims that aren’t true and avoid “puffery” that tries to oversell the product.
  • High-quality visuals. Your photography and videography need to be Hollywood quality. A poorly-lit product pic or a promo video shot in bad light using a smart phone just won’t do your product justice. 
  • Where does your product/brand sit in the marketplace? Are you selling high-quality, exclusive items or just bulk-buy products? Making sure that your product sits in the correct position in the marketplace is vital.
  • Are your prices competitive? Ensure that your pricing matches other similar products or services in the same niche. 

Keep Your Keywords Relevant

Keywords are what drive search engines to find your product or website. But your product keywords need to be constantly changed and updated in order to keep pace with the way search algorithms operate.

You can’t simply stuff your product description with random keywords and hope for the best. Keywords need to be analyzed, chosen carefully, then included in your product copy in a way that sounds natural. An Amazon marketing consultant knows how to undertake keyword research and figure out which keywords attract the most search engine volumes.

Tell Them About It.

Amazon advertising generated more than 31 billion dollars in 2021. So if you want your product to have plenty of reach, you need to invest in an Amazon ad campaign. Not only will an ad campaign inform your customers about your product or service. Amazon rewards sellers that advertise with them by boosting their rankings in the Amazon search engines.

Use the Social Networks.

Having your product on the Amazon site, and advertising with Amazon, is just the start. By spreading your products across non-Amazon platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and, increasingly, TikTok, you will benefit from increased exposure in the marketplace. 

But that’s not all. Amazon will pay a commission to you through their Brand Referral Bonus programme if you generate organic traffic to the Amazon website through your off-platform content. Marketing consultants know the best ways to utilize these non-Amazon platforms to your best advantage. 

Give Stuff Away.

You can trigger all sorts of psychological needs in your customers by running discount coupons, honeybook promo code and giveaways on your product page. By running a coupon programme that is visible at the time a customer first views your product, you can boost the click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate: ie how often customers actually buy your product. 

Both of these metrics are primary components of an effective Amazon marketing strategy. But they need to be very well planned and executed in order to avoid giving away too much free stuff. An Amazon marketing consultant knows just which buttons to push in order to entice your customers with giveaways and coupons.    

Quality Promos Sell.

Photographs get good traction. But to really boost your product’s visibility on Amazon, video is the way to go. But it can’t just be something cheesy that you make in your living room. You gotta have the production values of a Hollywood blockbuster…or at least those of a European arthouse film.

Your promo videos should showcase your product, tell potential customers how your product or service will benefit them, and highlight the differences between your product and others on the marketplace. And guess what? Your Amazon marketing consultant will have the skills of an erstwhile Speilberg when it comes to crafting quality video content!

An Amazon Marketing Consultant Can do All This For You.

Your product or service is the best on the market. Right? So now you need to ensure that everyone, everywhere, not only knows about it…but wants to buy it. 

An Amazon marketing consultant can help make this a reality. They will know the best ways to promote your product, how to utilize the best search engine keywords, point out pitfalls and how to avoid them, and make your marketing life much easier, and much more successful.