All You Need to Know About Kareo vs Cerner

Kareo vs Cerner – Overview

EHR stands for electronic health records, and as the name implies, this software is primarily concerned with patient information. However, today’s EHR software is extremely powerful, and it can perform a variety of tasks that you might not have imagined possible before. In this article, we’ll compare Cerner and Kareo ehr, as well as talk about these two EHR software in particular, to assist you decide which of these two you should invest in! So, if you’re curious, perhaps we can assist you in making your decision; keep reading to find out more!

About Kareo

Kareo Clinical is built for a variety of specialties and has a comprehensive set of features such as a configurable dashboard, ePrescribing, and a completely integrated client portal. It’s fully linked with Kareo Billing, the business’s practice management platform, which the company claims can boost practice revenue by up to 10%.

Kareo Clinical EHR solution includes free comprehensive customer support and training for the life of the product, as well as a client communications module that allows practices to send automatic appointment recalls to clients through phone, email, or text message. Low-volume, partner EHR, billing business, and other price options are also available.

About Cerner 

Cerner is a cloud-based EHR platform that helps health organisations of all sizes and specialties run more efficiently and provide better care. Charting, recordkeeping, revenue management, and healthcare analytics are all included. These capabilities guarantee precise diagnosis and treatment by providing up-to-date client information.

It supports over 40 specialties and has task optimization and simple recording, allowing healthcare providers to concentrate more on clients. Physicians can see more patients on a given day, resulting in higher overall revenue without sacrificing service quality.

Top Features of Kareo EHR

Medical Prescriptions 

One of Kareos main features is the capability to digitally prescribe medications from a comprehensive medication library. Clients’ instructions might be recorded and forwarded to pharmacies. Each medication comes with a warning about potential interactions with other medications, and Kareo will continue to stock the most regularly used medications. Kareo’s comprehensive drug list is available from any place.

Patient Portal

Kareo provides a high-quality Patient Portal. The company’s crew is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions. You can also contact an account manager for assistance in navigating the system. There is also a customer performance coach who meets with customers on a regular basis. The patient’s medical records, as well as note notes, are easily accessible. The user interface is simple to use. Users can take notes to help them work more efficiently.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is vital in our modern world, where there’s no way to function without mobile phones and connectivity. Kareo EMR software meets this need by offering unending support for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It is easy to access features and data regarding your patients using iPad EMR programs. Patients can also communicate with you while in the field. In addition, Kareo EHR enables you to build stronger relationships with your customers.

Cerner EHR Features

Financial Management

Cerner software’s revenue cycle solution allows physicians to concentrate on their clients rather than their financial affairs. Additionally, it allows clinicians to conduct on-the-fly insurance checks. Prior insurance verification results in a higher reimbursement. It uses client demographics to perform eligibility checks. It also manages authorizations for long-term treatment procedures so that providers can create appropriate plans. With this service, Cerner EHR offers a specialised account manager to help expedite the billing cycle.

Integrated Practice Management

Healthcare Practice Management solutions are meant to assist medical professionals in managing their institution’s administrative chores. Client scheduling, financial analysis, billing, and other services are among them. Cerner’s Practice Management system is designed for small to medium-sized medical practices with fewer than ten physicians. Payment processing, real-time insurance qualification checking, client scheduling, and healthcare billing support are just a few of the widely praised features of this solution.

Clinical Documentation

Clinical documentation is an essential part of any medical practice and must be handled correctly. Cerner’s clinical documentation system is designed to make data entry as simple as feasible. Cerner EMR enables you to take notes by narrating them verbally, which the programme can then transform into a written format.

This makes things easy for you and allows you to collect client data more easily. We strongly urge you to examine this functionality when you obtain the Cerner EMR demo. The period of time saved by this feature alone makes the Cerner EMR fee worthwhile.

Cerner EHR Reviews vs Kareo EHR Reviews

Cerner EHR Reviews

One thing users frequently comment about Cerner EMR is that it goes above and beyond to guarantee that users’ expectations are met. According to user reviews, the best characteristics of this dependable healthcare software are its boundless customizability, outstanding dashboard, and rapid data access. Voice-to-text recognition is another useful feature mentioned in Cerner EMR reviews. This dictation software makes document processing a breeze. Cerner’s user-friendly mobile version appeals to everyone. As a result, the programme has a high customer satisfaction rating.

Average rating – 3.8/5 stars

Kareo EHR Reviews

According to Kareo EMR reviews, it is user-friendly and thorough, with excellent customer service. Reporting and personalization are excellent characteristics, and setting up preferred reports is generally helpful. It provides employees with a simple approach to stay on top of their work and increase productivity. Kareo is quite simple to use, however if you have any issues, Kareo offers one-on-one training for advanced features. Kareo’s sole real flaw is that it doesn’t offer practice management consulting.

Average rating – 4/5 stars

Cerner EHR pricing vs Kareo EHR Pricing

Cerner EHR Pricing – Begins at $25 

Kareo EHR pricing – Begins at $125