Attempts to create cryptocurrencies have been made since the end of the 20th century. However, it was necessary to fulfill many conditions to successfully launch the new exchange system. Therefore, at first, all attempts were not very successful. Before the advent of bitcoin in 2009.

At first, a handful of enthusiasts used the new coin. It seemed that this project also had the prospect of remaining a toy in the hands of the initiates. However, in the recent time, there was a need for this tool. Whether this is good or not, and how to benefit from it, you can learn everything about cryptocurrency in this review.

The most popular cryptocurrencies

Shortly after the successful launch of the Bitcoin coin, other cryptocurrencies appeared. At first, they were few, and now there are many thousands. Everyone wants to repeat the success of bitcoin and secretly surpass it.

However, only a few coins firmly “hold” the mark. You can be sure that in the long run, they will not sink into oblivion:

  • Bitcoin. People call him “Grandfather”. It’s like a foundation. The price of the coin is already close to sixty thousand dollars. It is something unthinkable. And this is not the limit. It’s not too late to invest in bitcoin;
  • Litecoin. It is also called a silver coin in cryptocurrency. Litecoin is a derivative of bitcoin with some modifications. Also, a top-rated coin, although it does not show such a rapid increase in price and is much cheaper than bitcoin;
  • Dogecoin. It is also a branch of the bitcoin algorithm. It features unlimited issuance of coins and very low fees for transferring coins. The price of dogecoin has long remained at less than a cent, but the currency is stable. It makes it a valuable asset to invest in on par with bitcoin and litecoin. At the beginning of 2021, dogecoin has risen in price by more than 10 times; Many investors always have a few coins in their Dogecoin wallet.
  • Ether (Ethereum). It is more than just a coin. It was conceived as a tool that allows not only to exchange coins but also to create business structures and communities. Due to its availability and the possibility of decentralized issuance of smart contracts, the ether fell victim to fraudulent structures and lost its prestige for a while. Its cost was significantly reduced, and it took a long time to regain users’ trust.

How and where can you get cryptocurrencies?

The easiest way to swap eos to usd is on a cryptocurrency exchange. This is if there is available finance. If you have strained funds, you can collect coins from bitcoin (and other) faucets. You won’t get much from faucets, but it will be enough to get to know each other. Faucets make a living from ad impressions that are shared with users. It should be noted that with an increase in the value of coins, faucets become unprofitable and give out very little.

A tricky way is to mine cryptocurrency on your computer (or using entire networks of computers, video cards, and other devices). Mining can be done alone or as part of a pool. The choice depends on the possibilities and goals.

In recent years, mining video cards and personal computers have been popular. However, everything goes to the fact that the complexity of block mining increases greatly, and mining using the power of typical computers simply loses its meaning.

Organizational Conclusions

The world of cryptocurrencies is entirely new. It is almost wholly unregulated. Beginners should swap usd to asd with great caution. And you should never forget that you can suddenly lose everything for various reasons, which often cannot be predicted and controlled by anyone. Good luck. Winning can pay off all the effort.