Do you enjoy playing Fortnite? Are you searching for gifts within Fortnite? Are you interested in knowing more about Fortnite’s current Fortnite’s location? If so, stay with us.

It’s Fortnite’s 2021 Winterfest event is upon us and so is the opening ceremony. There are 14 items that will be presented during this year’s Fortnite present opening ceremony and players from America United States want to be aware of the details. In this article we will talk about the 14 present Fortnite.

about Fortnite Winterfest Present

There are some special gifts that will be featured at the 2021 Winterfest event. The players can enjoy unique benefits through the opening of these gifts. Fortnite players are allowed to open one present per day. Additionally, players are not required to spend any money and can receive presents at no cost.

There are 14 unique gifts to pick from, and there is no guarantee that everyone will like the variety. Certain people might like skins, and others may want cosmetics. The gifts are exquisitely packaged and come with cute ribbons that are tied to the gifts. Additionally, there are 8 gifts to the right, and six on the left.

Liste of the Present 14 Fortnite players Fortnite :

  1. Purple box with silver ribbon The purple gift hanging in a box wrapped in silver ribbon comes with an holly Hatchets Pickaxe.
  2. Golden box with green ribbon players will be able to find an elegant golden box that has green ribbon and an emblem of the Snowflake Banner emblem.
  3. Silver box with red ribbon The silver present box, hidden behind a golden product comes with wooly wrap.
  4. The red box with green ribbon The red present box with green ribbons features an Choice Knit emote inside it.
  5. Small blue box with white ribbons The blue box that contains white ribbons, The Loot in the Mountains soundtrack is the fifth and final present of Fortnite’s All 14 Presents.
  6. Blue gift box with purple ribbon In the sixth the player will find A You Better Be Watching Out loading screen that is unique to the game.
  7. Purple present with golden ribbon The present in purple includes an Aurora Contrail.
  8. Gift box in yellow with orange ribbon The 8th gift comes with the Krisabelle skin.
  9. Neon green packaging with an enigmatic sparkly design The Sentinel glider is inside the mysterious cryptic neon green gift bag to the left of the fireplace.
  10. Gifts of yellow with red ribbons the It’s Perfect emoticon is included in the 10th gift.
  11. Wrapping a white gift with blue ribbon The fourth and final installment in the 14 present Fortnite is an Twinkly wrap that is inside a white gift bag with blue ribbon.
  12. Red gift is featured in the center of Christmas trees The the Snowpower Harvesting Tool has been unlocked when you collect the red gift bag.
  13. Purple gift box with white ribbon This Bombastic Winterfest spray is contained in the gift box of purple with white ribbon.
  14. Blue gift that has been frozen The 14th present has been frozen, and is unobtainable. There are theories that it may contain Polar Peely skin.


Get all 14 present items of during the Fortnite WinterFest present opening ceremony. Additionally, the 14th present is not yet available so let’s discover what the final present brings. Check out the News Website to learn learn more.