Play Wordle often and get confused about whether a word exists. Wordle and its clones are destroying many fake terms that once occupied our mind space.

Wordle players tried many combinations to make a word, but some words weren’t there. Ajolt words were used by puzzle solvers in the United States to find the solution to 30th May Wordle. Continue reading to learn Ajolt definition and the reasons why it is used.

Ajolt & Wordle 345:

Wordle lets players find the word of the day within six attempts. The game also provides clues to help them find the answer. Some players saw their first, third and fourth tiles turn green with A, O and L letters.

Although they may have failed in some instances, the discovery of three letters of the word was a significant step towards solving the puzzle. AJOLT was one of the possibilities for solving the puzzle. Its three letters at the first, third, and fourth places have a similar letter.

Ajolt Top Search Word:

Ajolt was chosen by Wordle players to be their next option. They also wanted to verify its meaning using the Google search engine. Wordle won’t accept any word not listed in its word lists, so players wouldn’t miss an opportunity to verify its meaning.

Wordle does not take Ajolt, and the answer provided by the game is that this word is not in its list. The players were able to see that Ajolt was not a word, and therefore the solution for the 30th of May puzzle. Search engines for Ajolt definition will show you that jolt means “move with a jerk” or “shake”.

Hints and Solutions for Wordle 345:

You can use the hints and solutions for any Wordle to solve future puzzles by looking at its pattern. Below are some hints for Wordle 355.

  • It has two vowels as well as three consonants.
  • It begins with a vowel, and ends with a consonant.
  • It refers to a ring-shaped island that has a lake in its middle.
  • It only has one letter, which is repeated in the whole word.

ATOLL is the solution to the 30th of May puzzle.

Ajolt Definition Analysis Wordle 345:

Analyzing each Wordle answer is important as it will help the player determine the difficulty level and the pattern of the game.

  • The 30th May puzzle was solved in an average of 3.7 attempts by people, making it a relatively easy Wordle.
  • It is ranked 25,342 on the list of frequently used words and phrases.
  • AT is not a common combination, but LL is a popular lasting combination.

Final verdict:

Many people searched for Ajolt definition to find a suitable option. However, they soon discovered that it was not a word. Word game players are invited to share their thoughts about yesterday’s Wordle in our comments section.