This article will provide information about the shooting at a school in recent times and will also describe what happened in the Ajax School shooting incident in 1980.

How much do you know of the school shooting incident? The shocking story has been featured throughout the press since the beginning of Monday.

The case of the student murder has shocked a lot of people throughout both the United States and Canada. Both countries have previous experience with the same subject.

The incident on Monday also returned to the incident which occurred in the year 1980. In 1980, the student at high school was shot in the case of a shooting at school.

The original incident is known to be Ajax School Shooting.

Let’s look up the history for the crime..

Based on our study, it was in 1980 when the incident occurred. The victim’s name was Adrian Precia. The incident occurred in the school of Washington DC.

Based on our research, the students surname was Adrian Precia, who was well-known for his nickname Ajax.

Our sources reveal that Michael Joseph was accused of the shooting. According to the source of the police, Joseph utilized pistols of 25 caliber. The incident shocked many parents and students at the school.

Then, a schoolmate, Tanya Brown, described the horror of the incident and submitted her statement to police in the city.

It was the Ajax School Shooting as well as the more recent incident

According to our research we discover that 14-year-old students have been linked to the murder allegations. Our sources also provide who was the deceased student.

The victim’s name is Jahiem Robinson. Jahiem was an student in twelve grades. In a formal declaration the police stated that Robinson had been found dead following shooting from the back of the door.

Our sources also confirm that the student accused of shooting attempted to shoot another student, but luckily , the gun did not fire.

Police have also examined all footage on video of the incident. The video footage shows clear evidence of the shooting.

Ajax School Shooting and the Reasons

Many experts and criminal psychologists are trying to determine the reasons why these types of crimes happen.

Our sources are also trying to discover the actual reasons for the incident to take place. In these shooting incidents the majority of students are younger than 20 years old. The most interesting thing is that students’ access to or purchasing guns is another reason to consider for these types of shooting.

In this regard, just this year in the year 2000, the Toronto city authorities introduced the Safety Plan for Community. Plan. The primary goals of the plan were to prevent these types of shootings. The shooting on Monday been reminiscent of that of the Ajax School Shooting.

The administration is currently thinking of additional security measures to prevent such incidents from happening within the town.

Note:All the information in this article are completely based on internet and research conducted by media.

The Final Call

Our sources reveal that following the murder on Monday the police of the city check all information that could be relevant. The police also visited the scene in which the incident took place.

However, the latest massacre highlights the earlier school shooting incidents that shocked people. People are looking for an incident from the 80’s Ajax School shooting the Ajax School shootingincident. This is why that the story is trending all across the media.

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