Many online shoe retailers across the United States demand to sell the shoes that are branded at affordable costs; however, at times it’s hard to find an authentic shop that sells brand-name shoes at a reasonable price.

Today we’ll unveil the website of Air95sports. Air95sports offers the popular brand-name shoes at a reasonable price. However, how trustworthy Air95sports website is? The best method to confirm the authenticity of the service is to look up Air95sports reviews and the policy of the website and specifications, etc.

What is Air95sports?

The website is designed to provide branded shoes with a cost that everybody can buy. The site’s authority has divided their collections into categories based on the brands. Here customers can find the brands such as Nike, Jordon, Adidas as well as other top brands worldwide. The catalog of the brand is divided into different categories, based on the shoe model. When we look through the website we found that in the “Home” section visitors can also access new and exciting models with descriptions of prices.

We are still trying to determine is Air95sports legit or not, we went to the page for the product to confirm the reviews of customers; when reviewing comments, each shoe and Snicker contains a wealth of information with a photo demonstration. In addition there is a flash sale open to all buyers can get 50-70% off on each product. Let’s look over the policy and the terms.


  • Website URL:
  • According to the official statement of the site that it is located at 110-Ann Rd, Harrow Essex, United Kingdom
  • Contact Number Customer Support Phone number isn’t revealed.
  • Email Address: Anyone can clear their doubts via [email protected].
  • Comment: We found a few Air95sports reviews of customers.
  • Shipping Policy for Transportation: The time required for transportation is 5 to 9 days. The date was calculated based on processing times and the time for shipping.
  • Transport Charges: Unfortunately, we did not locate any details relating to transportation fees. The buyer is able to view it prior to the payment.
  • Return Available The operator hasn’t provided any information regarding the availability of its return.
  • Refund Facility: It’s not made public.
  • Cancellation Facility Accessibility of this facility is not known.
  • Means of Payment: PayPal
  • Exchange Information on Exchanges: There is no information available on this policy.
  • Are Air95sports Legit The answer isn’t yet clear.


  • The shop is home to a huge selection of designer shoes.
  • The cost of shoes is reasonable.
  • The flash sale is on.
  • Shipping worldwide, which includes in the United States, is available.


  • Poor trust-index.
  • The rebate rate is not true and very shady.
  • The reviews are available only on the website.
  • There are many social media icons, however they’re not legitimate.
  • The address is legal since there isn’t a corporate office or address.
  • Operator information is not available.
  • It’s not even recognized.

The authenticity of Air95sports’ credibility:

It is easy to determine the authenticity of the site by reading the Air95sports ReviewReview –

  • Datum of Domain Establishment: In the wake of the outcome, it was been officially established on November 21st, 2021. This means that its age is lower than one month.
  • Legality of the Address The address isn’t authentic.
  • Operator Information: They conceal the information about who owns this website.
  • Trust-Index Point: Looking at the results from this tool’s premium version, the value represents 1 percent.
  • Feedback: A few feedback is accessible.
  • Community Channel Information The icons are there but it’s not functioning.
  • Broken Links: Yes, present.
  • Piracy Content: Yes, available. A majority of the content is classified as piracy-related text.
  • Payout Modes: Single Method.
  • Domain Name: It’s
  • Registrar Name: It is Namesilo LLC.

As it’s a new site, we’re judging the site as suspicious.

Air95sports Reviews:

On Air95sports we have gathered a few reviews on the product’s page. The reviews are positive and have excellent ratings. However, when we checked it, we discovered that no comments were posted on any other platforms. Even on some of the most popular feedback channels such as TrustPilot and TrustPilot, etc. No reviews are posted.

Furthermore, the community channel icons that have been placed in the bottom part of the shop , are not legitimate. They have been redirecting to a page that’s not appropriate.

Final Verdict:

When you look at the Air95sports Reviews, it is a genuine website. But, the reviews cannot be verified because there aren’t any reviews online. Additionally, a low trust-index and shady links to community channels and plagiarism, among others. makes this shop suspect. This is why people should look for appropriate stores to shop at.