This article discusses random verification texts that are sent to people through the use of the Fintech company name. Find out more about the afterpay verification scam.

Are you getting random verification codes from scammers? Want to learn more about scammers sending messages? Continue reading to learn about the problems faced by customers. This article also contains safety tips.

People from Australia have concerns about the messages that are being sent by the Afterpay Fraud. Online discussion forums and social media sites reveal that many people are being targeted in the country.

Afterpay Text

Many people are confused by the random messages and emails they get with Afterpay verification codes. However, many people ignored the messages and received similar messages and emails repeatedly.

Scammers pretending they are Afterpay officials send verification texts. Many people who receive these emails and texts don’t have Afterpay accounts. Find out more about Afterpay Verification code.

Opinion of People about Verification Texts

  • Reddit users have shared their experiences in response to the message sent by scammers.
  • These experiences are becoming more popular as more people share their experiences.
  • Afterpay accounts are not something that most people have. However, they were frequently sent verification texts.
  • There are concerns that security breaches may have been committed by the company. Yet, the company has not yet responded to these concerns.
  • Multiple Australians expressed their satisfaction at receiving the verification text.
  • Reddit user Oda said that she received the same text at 04.38 AM. Another user reported receiving a text at 01.26 AM.

Afterpay Scams

  • Afterpay emails and messages target thousands of users.
  • Some individuals received multiple verification codes in a very short time.
  • Each time, the number sending the messages is different.
  • All verification texts stated that it’s From Afterpay.
  • Scammers want to get access to Afterpay accounts if someone provides the verification codes to them.

Instruction From The Government Website

Services Australia’s official website contains important information about scam texts. These are the points that we will be referring to:

  • It is important that users do not click on links or messages sent by suspicious senders. Let’s examine the’Afterpay Code but No Account ‘.
  • One such spam message was received. The user is instructed to report it to the “TheftHelpdesk” and then delete the message.
  • It is not appropriate for people to provide details about their bank accounts or other payment details.
  • If you have given any information, please contact the bank immediately and inform them.


Many scams are conducted using the names of prominent Fintech companies via text messages and email. You can report and block the phone number and email ID immediately if you are informed. Please read this article to learn more about scams.

Have you ever received Afterpay Fraud text messages or emails? Comment on it.