JFK International Airport

After a power outage created flight cancellations and delays, the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York resumed flight operations on Saturday. The power outage at the terminal also forced a plane originating from New Zealand to turn away.

According to today’s breaking BNN News, airport officials completed electrical repairs and restored power to Terminal 1 on Saturday. It allowed the resumption of limited flights at the airport. In a message posted on social media, the airport authorities said the safety and security systems at the airport are fully operational and that they are testing the systems at other buildings as well and bringing them online.

The airport authorities went on to say that they doused the fire that emanated from a failure at an electrical panel on Thursday. It resulted in a power outage at the airport, affecting flight operations at the terminals.

International airlines operate from Terminal 1

Most international airlines, such as Lufthansa, Korean Air, Air France, and Japan Airlines, operate from Terminal 1 at JFK Airport. The airport authorities said they have initially scheduled 64 departures and arrivals at Terminal 1 on Saturday. It later modified the schedule and said 26 flights will operate from terminal 1 and 18 flights will be diverted to other terminals at the airport.

The airport has moved another eight flights to Newark Liberty International Airport, and 10 flights were canceled. It also diverted two flights to Stewart International Airport in New York. Passengers must arrange for an additional 60 miles of road travel from New York Stewart International Airport.

The airport authorities advised the passengers to check with their airlines for the latest information on flights. However, JFK Airport is conducting flight operations as usual at its other terminals. There will be no change in the flight schedules at Terminal 1 of JFK International airport on Sunday.

41 flights were canceled on Friday

Terminal 1 at JFK Airport, one of the busiest in the world, was closed on Friday as crews worked to repair the electrical problems that caused the fire. It hampered flight operations and ruined weekend vacation plans for passengers. According to FlightAware, a flight tracking specialist, around 41 flight operations were canceled at JFK international airport on Friday, causing delays for 242 flights. It has also made passengers unhappy because several international flights scheduled to land at JFK airport took hours-long detours and did not arrive close to New York City.

According to today’s breaking news network, one of the flights destined for JFK international airport from Auckland, New Zealand, had to turn around mid-flight over the Pacific Ocean and go back to Auckland. Air New Zealand Ltd., the flight operator, said it ordered the flight back to its starting point to prevent it from being grounded at US airports for several days and causing delays for other flights. The data collected from FlightAware shows that two other international flights were also forced to make a turn in midair and return to their starting points, making the passengers unhappy.