Afghanistan earthquake Wiki covers all you need to know about the terrible calamity, which took place on the late evening of 21 June.

You may have heard about the devastating earthquake that occurred at almost 1:30 a.m. on June 22, 2012. Afghanistan has experienced a very shaking morning in the last two decades. Many people died and many others lost loved ones because of the collapsed home.

Assistance is currently being offered by the government of the United KingdomUnited StatesIndia. Let us look at in-depth news through our post-AfghanistanEarthquake Wiki.

What are the latest news?

According to the United States Geological Survey USGS, the tremors were recorded at 46 kilometres (28.8 miles) around the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The moment magnitude was 6.2 on the 22nd June. When everyone was awake, it was at around 1:44 a.m. The earthquake was so strong, the shocks could be heard in India, Pakistan, and Iran.

According to the most recent news, almost 1000 people lost their lives in the tsunami and more than 1500 were badly injured. It is also possible that the death rate could increase. Afghanistan Earthquake has been the most fatal in the last twenty years.

History of earthquakes and tsunamis in Afghanistan:

Due to the collision of Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates, earthquakes have long been a problem in the mountains of Afghanistan. Over 7000 people have died in earthquakes in Afghanistan over the last decade. This is an average of 550 deaths per year.

The most recent tsunami struck January, resulting in the deaths of 20 people and more than 100 houses collapsing. In the 2015 Earthquake, in Afghanistan, over 200 people were killed in Pakistan’s northern region and in the northeast of the country. In 2002 and 1998 respectively, 1000 and 4500 people were killed by the seismic event.

What happens after an earthquake?

The earthquake struck areas far from reach, when people were in deep sleep. 20 villages were affected. Numerous properties, schools as well as mosques and hospitals were all destroyed in the tsunami.

Pakita province saw more than 400 people die. These figures are not yet known, but the government will confirm the exact numbers. Khost province saw more than 500 houses destroyed. Hundreds of injured people were also transported to the nearest hospitals.

Government response for Afghanistan Earthquake News

The government immediately took the necessary steps and started rescue operations. Defense sends helicopters for rescue, to evacuate victims trapped in debris and to launch casualty’s recovery operations to stop further losses.

The Afghani government has allocated 1 billion Afghanis’ currency for the affected. To help the survivors, emergency services and transportation have been stepped up in the affected region. Emergency teams, medical and health professionals immediately moved to address the situation. The government is seeking humanitarian assistance from international organizations as well as neighbouring countries for Afghanistan’s June 2022.

How hard is it for Afghanistan?

Afghanistan was already a victim to drought, hunger, and an economic crises. They don’t have enough money to support their basic needs. 93% of households can’t meet their food requirements. People live in crisis because of the loss of foreign currency.

After the Taliban seized power, they have also experienced a lack of medical supplies and a failing system of health care. Many governments have stopped aiding Afghanistan since they were expelled from power. This situation is where nature’s destruction could worsen the situation. The government is trying to do the best it can after the Afghanistan earthquake 2022. They hope international government agencies will be able to help them.

What is the foreign community’s response?

Foreign agencies respond positively and are open to helping as much possible. UN distributed non-food items, sanitary goods, and water. Iranian Red Cross Society is willing to help in medical rescue operations. Turkish Red Crescent supplies food aid. Pakistan supplies food packages and blankets as well as relief items. Additionally, countries such as the United States of America, India, China and Japan are ready to assist Afghans in such a terrible situation.


Afghanistan earthquake Usgsrevealed an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 that occurred at 44 kilometers from Khost and a depth of 51km on 22 June 2022. The earthquake caused a catastrophe in which more than 1,000 people lost their lives. The rescue operation is in progress. You can read the