QuickBooks Desktop is a broadly used accounting software program and can be used across various markets and industries. With its robust accounting tools and a dynamic feature-set, no wonder it has been a famous software program in recent years.

It’s still not too late to go for a hosted QB if you’re planning on using it in 2022 or are already using it. With the current threat of coronavirus, you might be interested in the additional features offered by QuickBooks Online. Unlike QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting have several benefits for the growth of business.

Here are some benefits of using QuickBooks hosting solutions for accounting in 2022:

Remote Access

With most businesses adopting a work-from-home culture, you will need a QuickBooks hosting solution that can have remote access as well as, QuickBooks Desktop that can be accessed with multiple devices. So, if you want your workforce to function remotely you must either give them desktops/laptops installed with QuickBooks or subscriptions to use on their own devices. This is something that can be very costly and less collaborative. But, when you opt for QuickBooks hosting, you can have access to your data from any place and at any time, with stable internet. You can have access to the software from any device like laptop, tablet, or smartphone as well. QuickBooks software can also be hosted on a Windows 10 Virtual Desktop for better productivity.

Advanced Data Security

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, cyberattacks and data thefts have increased significantly. Hence, a hosted QuickBooks solution is secured with advanced security functions like the most advanced IDPS system, modern malware detection technologies, antivirus software, and AI surveillance to prevent any cyberattacks. Also, reliable cloud hosting service providers install advanced protection techs like 256-bit data encryption, network filtering, multi-factor authentication, and hardware/software-based firewalls to make the defenses against cyberattacks stronger.

Excellent Performance

QuickBooks is a robust tool in the industry of accounting and bookkeeping. But it also depends on integrations with third-party tools or add-ons for additional processes. While these grow your QB experience, traditional desktops usually slow down with time and when integrated with several add-ons. Ultimately, expanding data load along with add-ons integrations increase the load on the processing power of your system, resulting in latency, lags, and a bad end-user experience. But reliable QuickBooks hosting providers install High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers. These servers can effortlessly endure the huge computational load, enabling you to integrate several add-ons with efficiency, manage huge data volumes, and still give a streamlined experience as compared to the traditional QB software.

IT Expenses

Creating and managing an in-house IT system comes with a lot of responsibilities, handling updates/upgrades as well as maintenance. But, when you use QuickBooks hosting, the entire IT workload from installing data servers to updating QuickBooks is handled by your QB hosting provider. All you need to do is manage the end-point devices.

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