If you are wondering what to do in Dubai, you have come to the right place. Desert safari tours include some of the best things to do in Dubai. These tours combine adventure activities, shopping, and culinary delights. You can also choose from an array of unique experiences, such as Falconry experience or Henna tattoo painting. In this article, we’ll discuss the activities to try during your trip to Dubai. Here are some of the highlights you can expect to enjoy during your Desert Safari Dubai tour.

Quad biking

There are several benefits of quad biking in the desert, but the best thing about this activity is the fact that you can get plenty of great pictures! The desert safari tour includes the usual activities such as camel rides and henna tattoos, as well as traditional performances. The tour concludes with a buffet dinner. Those with back pain are strongly advised to avoid quad biking. They should also refrain from eating at least two hours before the tour.

Before undergoing a quad biking activity in the desert, make sure you pack the right clothing. Although it may be warm during the day, the temperature can drop dramatically at night. Bring comfortable clothes that you can remove in the shower after the tour. Closed-toed shoes are essential for quad biking; anything else won’t keep you comfortable. Also, wear comfortable clothing, because you will be sweating.

Henna Tattoo Painting

The desert safari offers many fun activities for people who enjoy body painting. You can go on a camel ride or a henna tattoo painting show. Whether you want a tribal or floral pattern, you can get it done on your body at the desert safari. The desert safari will also give you unlimited water and soft drinks. It is the perfect way to experience the authentic Arabic culture and tradition.

In addition to the sandboarding experience, you can get your body adorned with henna tattoos. You can even enjoy belly dancing and traditional Arabic games. The henna tattoo painting experience can be especially fun if you’re visiting Dubai in the evening. The henna painters will design a colourful design on your body that will last for a long time.

Falconry Experience

One of the highlights of a Desert Safari Dubai tour is the Falconry experience. You will have the chance to interact with two of the most popular desert animals – the camel and the falcon. The Bedouin tribe relied on these creatures for hunting. Experience their unique intelligence and how they work together. The Falconry experience will leave you enthralled! But you can’t just take our word for it. 

Guests who attend a falconry experience in the Desert Safari can interact with the majestic birds and learn about their life cycles and diets. The experience is guided by a professional falcon trainer who will demonstrate the art of falconry to their guests. 

Dune Bashing

A trip to best Desert Safari Dubai will not be complete without a session of dune bashing. This adrenaline-packed activity will involve driving your four-wheel-drive vehicle across the dunes at a very fast speed, dune bashing is a thrilling experience that lasts about 30 minutes. The driver will ensure that the tires are low to give maximum traction against the sand and you’ll experience a variety of sensations while on the dune-bashing adventure.

Before heading out on a dune-bashing expedition, you should know that UAE weather is very hot, so it is wise to wear protective clothing. You can also wear hats and light shawls to protect your eyes from the hot sun. Moreover, don’t forget to wear the appropriate sun glasses. The adventure is as exciting as a roller coaster, and it’s not for the faint-hearted!